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Greg and Doug show how to kill a lawn

"A Back Yard Makeover in Ravenna"
Doug and Greg makeover a small back yard in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.

Greg arm waving about the merits of mulch

"It's All About Dirt"
Learning about your soil and correct planting techniques are the topic of this episode with a guest appearance by Lisa Taylor of Seattle Tilth.

Native shrubs at the King County Greenhouse and Nursery

"Lawn Rejuvenation The Natural Way"
Greg and Doug visit the King County Greenhouse and Nursery which produces over 25,000 plants annually for King County projects. The hosts demonstrate how to overhaul a lawn and get free plants through propagation.

Using manure in your own yard

"Using Manure in the Garden "
Traveling from a snowy, small farm expo in Enumclaw to a beautiful sunny garden in Seattle, Doug and Greg hear from the region's leading experts on using manure in the garden. From cattle to rabbits, they’ll show you how to have a healthy and safe garden, while recycling nature’s fertilizer. Also, learn how to control moss and have a beautiful lawn, naturally.

Co-host Doug Rice talks to Tammy Dunakin about what her goats like to eat

Greg and Doug review what you need to know about managing weeds -- from the best and easiest ways to remove simple garden weeds to how to manage noxious weeds. Then on Vashon Island they meet up with a herd of weed-eating goats.

Native plant landscape

"Native Plants"
Greg and Doug immerse themselves in native plants. They visit plant sales, salvage events and beautiful gardens as they travel around the county to show you some amazing ideas for using native plants.

How to compost

Learn how to make and use compost to create a beautiful and healthy yard. Doug and Greg visit a large scale commercial compost facility, and a backyard composter. This episode features beautiful gardens around the county that demonstrate amazing uses of compost.

Greg demonstrates how to plant a tree

This episode covers what you need to know about selecting, planting and caring for your tree from the roots up! Doug and Greg show you how to select the right tree for your yard, how to prune a tree, how to plant a tree, signs of an unhealthy tree and what you can do with wood once a tree is downed.

Backyard Wildlife on Vashon Island

"Backyard Wildlife "
Join Doug and Greg as they tour the beautiful Vashon Island garden of the Van Fleet residence. This amazing garden is packed with wildlife and features two ponds, a vegetable garden and over 370 different species of plants. As a result, the Van Fleets have seen more than 68 different species of birds visiting their yard.


"Waterwise Gardening"
Make the most of every drop of water in your yard. This episode covers drought tolerant landscaping, using cisterns and rain barrels and Smart Watering techniques. Greg and Doug visit the Covington Water District's drought tolerant demonstration garden, the Cedar River Watershed Education Center to learn about the water cycle, and chat with King County Executive Ron Sims about reclaimed water.

Free Zone

"Healthy Home Companion"
Chemicals used in your yard and on your lawn can end up in your home. Greg and Doug show you ways to prevent and eliminate tracking toxins into your house for a safer, healthier home. Learn how to identify risky products, how to safely recycle chemicals found in your garage or garden shed and how to have a beautiful, healthy yard without chemicals.

Duo at the Zoo

"Green Roofs and Rain Gardens "
Join the Yard Talk duo as they travel from the roof of the Woodland Park Zoo to a Seattle homeowner’s rain garden. Tour Seattle’s High Point neighborhood’s features to see what steps this new development used to protect Longfellow Creek. Learn from the experts and see what steps you can take to help save Puget Sound.

A worker bumblebee on a ceanothus bloom

“Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs”
Is your garden lacking life? Although they can’t push a wheelbarrow, insects can help you with your gardening. Learn how good bugs help your yard come alive and what you can do to encourage these essential garden occupants.

A worker bumblebee on a ceanothus bloom

“Yard Care, Puget Sound and Salmon”
You are only as far away from a stream, river or Puget Sound, as the storm drain in your street. Runoff from our yard and driveway flows into storm drains and is whisked directly into streams, lakes, and Puget Sound. Greg and Doug show us how to prevent soaps, doggie doo, and chemicals from sending our water quality…down the drain.

A worker bumblebee on a ceanothus bloom

“Local Food”
Follow Greg and Doug as they dive into the world of local organic food in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about creating bounty in your own back yard container gardening for tight spaces farmers markets, P-Patches, and salmon-safe farming in the fertile Snoqualmie Valley.

Rural stewardship - barn

“Rural stewardship”
Rural landowners enjoy many rewards, but with those rewards come many challenges. Living with nature, managing forest acreage, caring for livestock and finding community support are all challenges that people may find overwhelming in rural King County.

Puget Sound Starts Here - Episode 17 Yard Talk

Yard Talk - Yard Care, Salmon & Puget Sound
How do pesticides, soaps, and doggie doo impact our water quality?

Puget Sound Starts Here - Episode 18 Yard Talk

“Puget Sound Starts Here”
Puget Sound is not in good shape and pollution in stormwater runoff is why. Learn how you can reduce the damage to this regional gem.

Puget Sound Starts Here - Episode 19 Yard Talk

Yard Talk - Rural Stewardship
Money saving tips for rural property owners.

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