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On the show, you talk about native plants. I understand they can be easier to maintain but I don't know much about them. Where do I start?

Check out the Northwest Native Plant Landscaping Guide. This online "gardening tool" allows you to browse through photos, sort by plant type and name, ease of use, availability and you can read detailed information about the plant's characteristics and ideal growing conditions. You can create a customized list for shopping or planning to save, print or email. You'll even find sample landscaping plans to help you get started. Go native!

When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs?

In King County, fall is the best time to plant. Wait until the autumn rains begin and start planting. This allows the tree to grow roots during the winter, and your tree will have a larger root system by the time the next summer’s drought arrives. Early spring is ok, but the plants will require more frequent watering to survive their first summer.

What is the recipe for Super Mulch for woody trees and shrubs?

One inch compost covered by three inches of wood chips or arborist tree trimmings

What should I consider when hiring professional landscapers or designers and where can I find the ones that use environmentally responsible practices?

First, check out King County's publication, "How to Choose a Landscape Company," (Acrobat, 442KB). Print it out and have it with you as you begin your research.

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