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Please note: the payment system is down for scheduled maintenance every Saturday from 10 p.m. until as late as Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

July 2019 update

What affordability options are available for capacity charge customers (new as of June 29, 2019)?

  • Deferral for low-income seniors and disabled individuals: Customers who are enrolled in State and County property tax relief programs are eligible for a property lien placement that allows payment on the balance owned to be deferred until the property is sold. The interest rate is reduced to 5 percent annually and late fees are waived, however a recording fee will apply.
  • Improved payment plan options: Payment plans for the capacity charge are now more flexible. They allow customers to catch up on late bills through smaller, more frequent payment plans. For more information on affordability options, call 206-296-1450.
  • More types of eligible low-income housing can now qualify to receive a discounted capacity charge. This is part of WTD’s effort to encourage affordable housing development in the region. For details on qualifications by housing type, visit the Frequently Asked Questions to see a breakdown.

Delinquent charges

If payment is not made by the date, your account will be delinquent. In accordance with state and county laws, past due amounts will be subject to late charges and interest. In addition, a lien may be field against the property. The capacity charge is the responsibility of the current owner. Delinquent accounts may benefit from flexible payment plan options. To inquire about payment plans, call us at 206-296-1450.

Since 1990, King County has levied a capacity charge on structures with new connections to the sanitary sewer system. This charge is paid in addition to the monthly sewer bill assessed by the local sewer district.

The capacity charge:

  • Helps King County cover the costs of sewer improvements.
  • Supports expansion projects needed to serve new growth.
  • Does not exceed the cost of capital facilities necessary to serve new connections to the sewer system.

Newly connecting customers are directly billed by King County for the capacity charge.

Elected officials, sewer utility representatives and jurisdiction officials were all involved in King County’s decision to implement a capacity charge to ensure that “growth pays for growth.

Capacity charge $64.50

Listed rates are for 1 residential customer equivalent (RCE) per month. Capacity charge rates go into effect for new sewer hook-ups on or after January 1 each year. 

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