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You are the solution to saving water. The water you use every day has to be shared by fish, ecosystems, farms, industry, electricity production and personal use. In the northwest we have the problem of too much water or not enough depending on the time of year.

Click on the links in the images below to find out how you can use less and waste less water!

Wash full loads of dishes; choose efficient settings.
Install drip irrigation to directly water plant roots.
Rain catchment systems: support low impact development.
Fix leaks; monitor meters for water use.
Compost: healthy soil retains more water.
Wash full loads of laundry; wear clothes until dirty.
Choose lower flow toilets or reduce tank volume.
Collect rain water to irrigate during summer.
Install low-flow fixtures.
Reduce energy and water needs; compost food waste
Support use of reclaimed water in place of fresh water