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Sewer Heat Recovery reduces a building’s energy demand and carbon intensity, and helps building owners leverage occupancy strategies to promote sustainable practices that attract tenants, buyers, and investors. Owners can further benefit from this renewable energy source as it could contribute to green building certification ratings and help meet stringent energy codes.

  • Do your project plans include sustainable building practices and climate action goals?
  • Are you a commercial property owner or developer with buildings near a WTD interceptor pipe?
  • Does your building use a hydronic system for heating or cooling?

If yes, your project may be a good candidate for Sewer Heat Recovery (SHR) technology. This visual demonstrates a Potential User’s journey to King County SHR .


Only one project opening is available. Follow the application instructions on this page. Refer to Frequently Asked Questions document for additional information. All applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Program remains open until final project slot is filled.

NOTE: Application submission does not imply approval. Applicants will be notified regarding status.

Selection Process

  • A Potential User must have a project (new construction or retrofit) located within WTD’s service area or with access to King County sewer pipes. View the County sewer interceptor map HERE.
  • Potential Users must demonstrate their project’s readiness to be considered a candidate for WTD’s Sewer Heat Recovery (SHR) program. Readiness is defined as 30% overall project design completion or greater. Refer to WTD's Standard Design Guidelines HERE .
  • If more than one project passes the readiness review phase, WTD will select the project that represents the most diversified portfolio of projects.
  • Project diversity measures may include retrofit vs. new construction, standalone buildings vs. energy district, square footage, projected energy demand, and building use type.


  • In the event multiple projects meet the selection criteria equally, projects demonstrating the greatest positive impact toward equity and social justice will be prioritized.
  • Submission process will remain open and applications thereafter will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • King County Equity and Social Justice strategic priorities can be found HERE.


Application Process

These design guidelines will assist you in evaluating whether or not your project is ready for sewer heat recovery technology. Please reference WTD's Standard Design Guidelines .

If you are selected as a Potential User, you will need to sign a use-agreement in order to proceed. Please reference the use-agreement to ensure you're able to meet all of the terms .

Email application packet to

If you wish to submit a hardcopy packet or another form of submittal, please contact to arrange accommodations.

WTD Sewer Heat Recovery was authorized by the King County Council in September 2020.

Detailed requirements are outlined in the terms of the template user-agreement HERE .
Below is a summary of what to expect:

  • Assess suitability for Sewer Heat Recovery.
  • Review and comply with WTD’s Standard Design Guidelines .
  • Sign user-agreement (Official title: Agreement for Sale and Use of Thermal Energy from King County Wastewater)
  • Bear all costs and risks associated with the project.
  • Ensure readiness.
  • Submit designs to WTD.
  • Schedule construction that will not impact the wastewater conveyance system.
  • Construction of the connection and energy transfer system paid at prevailing wage rates.
  • Allow WTD to install a metering related sensors, telecom device, and secure enclosure on the User’s property.
  • Pay WTD annual Energy Transfer Fee (waived for first three years of agreement).
  • Provide WTD cost, revenue, energy use, and carbon emission data for the first three years of the agreement.

For more information, complete the form below and we will follow-up with you.

Are you a

For more information about Sewer Heat Recovery, please contact us at: