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*Please note that the Regulatory Task Force was completed in December 2020 and is no longer meeting until further notice.*


The Regulatory Task Force mission is to examine the regulatory constraints to agricultural production and make recommendations that will:

  1. Make drainage projects cheaper and easier,
  2. Make farms safer during floods,
  3. Minimize the impact of mitigation actions on farm land, and
  4. Maintain the current level of environmental protections.

Recommendations might pertain to permit process improvements, interpretation and/or clarification of regulations, as well as technical and/or financial assistance. Code changes may be proposed for regulations that are inappropriate in an agricultural landscape or where the goal of the regulation could be achieved through an approach that has less of an impact on agriculture while still being protective of fish habitat. The work of the Task Force is expected to continue through June of 2020.


Name Affiliation
Eric Beach, Coordinator      King County Water & Land Resources Division
Angela Donaldson FFF Flood Caucus
Bob Vos Agriculture Commission
Daryl Williams Tulalip Tribes
Elissa Ostergaard Snoqualmie Forum
Erin Ericson Snoq. Valley Watershed Improvement District
Josh Monaghan King Conservation District
Lara Thomas City of Duvall
Matt Baerwalde Snoqualmie Tribe
Meredith Molli FFF Farm Caucus
Paddy Irwin Washington Farm Bureau

Technical Experts

Christine Jensen, King County, Permitting Division
Kollin Higgins, King County, Science Section
Liz Stockton, King Conservation District 
Lou Beck, King County, Stormwater Services
Megan Webb, King County, Rural & Regional Services
Phil LeTourneau, King County, Historic Preservation


Upcoming Meetings

There are no scheduled upcoming meetings of this task force.

Recent Task Force Materials


12/15/20 Agenda/Meeting Notes

9/8/20 Agenda/Meeting Notes

4/28/20 Agenda/Meeting Notes

2/11/20 Agenda

12/10/19 Agenda

9/10/19 Meeting Notes

7/30/19 Meeting Notes

4/4/19 IOC Meeting Presentation

Final Documents

Assumptions and Outcomes

Final Issue Papers

On-Site Mitigation Findings Trans.

On-Site Mitigation Permitting Concurrence

Priority Issue Progress

For more information about the Snoqualmie Fish, Farm & Flood, please contact Beth leDoux, FFF Program Manager, Water and Land Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks.