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*Please note that the Riparian Buffer Task Force was completed in December 2019 and is no longer meeting until further notice.*


The Buffer Task Force goal is to provide the foundation and guidance for a scientifically credible, context-sensitive, locally derived riparian buffer implementation strategy developed with the participation of parties represented by the FFF 1.0 Advisory Committee, and any needed additional representation, that will provide positive outcomes for both fish and farms. The Task Force will ultimately develop a set of voluntary riparian planting recommendations based upon land use, watercourse type and/or needed riparian function for salmon. The Task Force has also been assigned a role in implementing other specific committee recommendations related to riparian areas. The Task Force anticipates completing their initial scope of work and generating a suite of riparian buffer recommendations by the end of 2019.


Name Affiliation/Representing
Beth leDoux, Coordinator         King County Water & Land Resources Division
Tamie Kellogg Facilitator
Bruce Elliott Agriculture Commission
Chris LaPointe Stewardship Partners
Daryl Williams Tulalip Tribes
Elissa Ostergaard Snoqualmie Forum
Erin Ericson Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance
Lara Thomas City of Duvall
Matt Baerwalde Snoqualmie Tribe
Preston Drew Citizen's Alliance for Property Rights
Steve VanEss Snoqualmie Valley Farmer
Wayne Gullstad
 Snoqualmie Valley Farmer

Technical Experts

Beth leDoux, King County, Rural & Regional Services

Eric Beach, King County, Agriculture, Forestry & Incentives

Josh Kubo, King County, Science & Technical Support

Josh Monaghan, King Conservation District

Kollin Higgins, King County, Science & Technical Support

Melissa Borsting, King County, Agriculture, Forestry & Incentives

Agency Technical Support

Colin Hume, Washington Department of Ecology

Colin Wahl, Tulalip Tribes

Kedija Awole, King Conservation District

Kevin Lee, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Liz Stockton, King Conservation District

Patrice Barrentine, King County, Agriculture, Forestry & Incentives

Ralph Svrjcek, Washington Department of Ecology

For more information about the Snoqualmie Fish, Farm & Flood, please contact Beth leDoux, FFF Program Manager, Water and Land Resources Division, Department of Natural Resources and Parks.