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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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Code and Policies

King County Code 20.62 - 91KB PDF Protection and preservation of landmarks, landmark sites and districts

Forms and applications 

Certificate of appropriateness application - 546KB PDF
Certificate of appropriateness application instructions - 167KB PDF

Grant Funding

4Culture Grant Opportunity

Technical papers

1915 Louden Machinery Company Barns
Certificates of appropriateness (No. 20) - 31KB PDF
Design review (No. 21) - 201KB PDF
Historic barn rehabilitation standards (No. 24) - 229KB PDF
Incentive programs (No. 16) - 57KB PDF
King County landmarking process (No. 4) - 90KB PDF
King County landmarks register (No. 6) - 61KB PDF
Landmark and site information (No. 1) - 57KB PDF
Landmark designation criteria (No. 5) - 98KB PDF
So you own a landmark (No. 15) - 307KB PDF
Historic Cemetery Resources (No. 11) - 194KB PDF
Heritage Garden Resources (No. 13) - 247KB PDF
Special Tax Valuation for Rehabilitated Historic Properties (No. 17) - 204KB PDF
Weatherization of Historic Buildings (No. 25) - 248KB PDF 


King County Historic Settlement Context- 57MB PDF
King County Historical & Ethnohistorical Archaeology Project Report - 86MB PDF
Archaeology of King County, Washington: A Context Statement for Native American Archaeological Resources - 35MB PDF
Midcentury King County: A Postwar Residential Context Statement - 5MB PDF
MPD for Dairy Farms of the Snoqualmie Valley - 248KB PDF
Cedar River Valley Historic Agricultural Properties Survey Report - 1MB PDF
King County-Owned Historic Properties Survey Report - 450KB PDF
King County Cemeteries Survey Report - 643KB PDF