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Limited service pregnancy centers

Rule & Regulation BOH 17-04 - Relating to Disclosure of Information by Limited Service Pregnancy Centers.

Required disclosure

Rule & Regulation BOH 17-04 applies to limited service pregnancy centers and was adopted by the King County Board of Health on July 20, 2017. It requires any limited service pregnancy center that is not a "health care facility" to post notices, both at the entrances of the facility and one additional area, reading:

"This facility is not a health care facility."

Download a copy of the regulation and determine if it applies to your organization (395 KB).

Sample sign

Download a copy of the sign in the required 10 languages and required font size (199 KB).

Select 11" x 17" paper to print to the required size. The required notice was translated by a certified translation company and reviewed by certified interpreters for accuracy.

How to report of a violation of the rule

You may report "limited service pregnancy centers" that you believe may not be in compliance with BOH17-04 requiring disclosure using the online form below:

Enter your contact information

Enter information about the Limited Service Pregnancy Center

Describe in detail the suspected violation you are reporting