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As King County continues to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), there is an immediate need to fill emergency-related roles through temporary assignment. This program has been created to address an urgent need for employees to be deployed to 50 known vacant positions. This number grows every day as programs grow or change. These deployments are intended to last for one to three months and are full-time positions. This includes managers and administrative staff.

Most roles do not have patient contact, and those that do will have that information communicated before the assignment begins, as well as receive appropriate training. These emergency deployment opportunities are available for current county employees who have capacity and supervisor approval.


Quick facts

  • There are currently 20 staff deployed in the program.
  • Employee trainings are tailored for each site and role.
  • There are roughly 20 Quarantine and Isolation sites throughout King County.
  • The top four are Kent, Issaquah, Shoreline, and Renton.

Featured job

There are several media and communication roles in the Guidance & Public Information Branch of the Public Health – Seattle & King County Health and Medical Area Command (HMAC).

If you are qualified, apply now. View the description here.

Make a difference

Apply now for an emergency deployment position

If you are a King County employee interested in one these roles, and have capacity to help, please follow these instructions:

  1. Receive permission from your supervisor to apply for this redeployment, and
  2. Understand deployments are for a minimum of one week in duration and may be at a location that is a COVID response site, and
  3. Once approved, email the Employee Questionnaire to and Cc your supervisor.

For questions or for more information, contact

All available positions

Provide administrative and project management support to assigned work group.

Tentative assignment length: Full-Time, up to 6 month assignment

Enter on-line grocery orders for COVID-19 positive households. Monitor and coordinate medical to-go kits (masks, sanitizer, thermometer).

Tentative assignment length: Part-Time, tbd

Provide logistical support to mobile testing team and other partners in procuring test kits and PPE.

Tentative assignment length: Full-Time, up to 3 month assignment.

Partner with hiring supervisors to identify and initiate actions required to facilitate full-cycle response related recruitments.

Tentative assignment length: Full-Time, up to 2 month assignment

Respond to business and community members regarding a variety of issues, ranging from business reopening processes and related questions. 

Tentative assignment length: Various shifts available, ends on or before 8/31

Picking PPE orders accurately, packing orders in boxes and labeling, delivering orders, loading/unloading pallets, assisting with inventory counts and labeling, cleaning and organizing warehouse.   Will need to lift up to 50 lbs.

Tentative assignment length: Full-Time, tbd

Lead a daily team of contact tracers conducting interviews with cases and contacts for COVID-19 response.

Tentative assignment length: Full-time, up to 1 year assignment

Works on communication strategy that engages the team and various groups in developing messages and resources to support mental health, resiliency and recovery among community partners.

Tentative assignment length: Part-Time, up to 3 month assignment

Review translation request documents prior to translation with a language access & equity lens; provide feedback as needed. Provide support to Community Translators and Reviewers.

Tentative assignment length: Full-Time, assignment ends on or before 12/31

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees will continue to be paid at their current rate of pay, and employees will not receive a reduction in pay for the emergency redeployment. Employees with a base pay rate of less than step 1 of the posted position will be paid at step 1 or 5% over their base pay rate, whichever is greater. Employees with a base pay rate greater than step 1 of the posted position will keep their current base pay rate. FLSA-employees that are placed in non-exempt (hourly) redeployment of one week (or when non-exempt duties are the majority of hours in the workweek) or longer will be paid on an hourly basis during the redeployment; Such employees will receive their base hourly rate of pay and will be eligible for overtime for hours worked over 40 in a workweek.
Generally, no, this redeployment is intended to support the County’s emergency response needs. This optional program will support those who cannot perform their regular work duties during this emergency. However, some roles may allow you to perform both your base and the emergency roles with supervisor approval.
There are various locations, and details will be provided as deployments become known.
There are various locations, and details will be provided as deployments become known.

These positions may not be suited for employees in the following high-risk categories:

  • Employees 60 years and older
  • Employees with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
  • Employees with weakened immune systems
  • Employees who are currently pregnant
  • Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, and shortness of breath)

For more information about COVID-19 and the risk factors please visit

Requesting employees for emergency deployment

King County departments requesting employees for emergency deployment should either enter a request into WebEOC, or email the request to, and include the Emergency Deployment request form

The Office of Emergency Management will work with requestors and the Department of Human Resources to answer any outstanding questions and fulfill staffing requests. For questions about this emergency deployment process, contact the Emergency Operations Center Duty Officer at or by phone at 206-296-3830.