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New for 2022 - All leadership givers will receive the same item if they choose to accept it. 

Leadership Giving is empowering for donors and provides a solid foundation for nonprofit organizations. Leadership Giving is not based on total dollars but on the equivalent of an hour of pay.

This means every employee can have the opportunity to join one of the Leadership Giving Levels:

  • Platinum = 4 hours of pay per month
  • Gold = 3 hours of pay per month
  • Silver = 2 hours of pay per month
  • Bronze = 1 hours of pay per month

In fact, more than 50% of donors give at a leadership level!

These levels can be achieved through any combination of payroll deduction, time donation, or direct check.

Here's how to calculate:

  • Divide your total annual donation (check and payroll combined) by hourly rate of pay. This result plus any hours of time donated determines the leadership level.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: Assume rate of pay is $20.00 per hour and you donate the following: $60.00 direct check, $120.00 in payroll donations ($5.00 per paycheck) and $80.00 in time donations (4 hours). Total donated is $260 / $20 (hourly rate) = 13 Hours of Pay (BRONZE LEVEL)

Online Pledging, automatically calculates what level you are at! On Section 3 of the donation form, check your Leadership Level and whether you would like to accept or decline your leadership gift.

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