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New! Now login with your county email and password.

Employees with an email address can now login with their email/network credentials. Employees who don’t have an email address can log into their free accounts using the second link and their PeopleSoft number.

I have a King County email


Employees with a King County email address can now login with their county credentials.

I do not have a King County email


Are you an employee but don't have a King County email address? No problem!



Hello, Opportunity!

You've got things to do and dreams to fulfill. KC eLearning is here to help.

With thousands of courses, videos, and books, there's bound to be something to spark your learning, build your knowledge, and increase your skills.

For employees with King County email

Single sign on for KC eLearning is now available to all employees with a King County-provided email address. You can access the portal here.

What does this mean?

If you're on a computer connected to the King County network and using Internet Explorer, you can seamlessly connect to the KC eLearning portal. Whether you're connecting with the access the portal link at the top of this page, a desktop icon that you’ve linked to the site or you're following a share link, KC eLearning resources magically appear. (Well, not so magically if you're our tech folks—thanks to KCIT for your wizarding skills!)

If you're on a computer connected to the network and using Google Chrome (or a different browser) or if you're using a computer not connected to a King County network, a Microsoft Windows logon screen will appear. Simply use your King County email address and your standard Windows logon password.

How do I activate single sign on?

Use this link to go to login page for employees with King County email addresses. After that, you can continue to go through this website, bookmark the link in your browser, or build yourself a desktop icon with link. If you're following a share link from the newsletter or from a friend, no "activation" is required.

For employees without King County email

We haven't forgotten you, but unfortunately we don't have a super simple sign in solution for you . . . YET!

No worries though: you still can access the system. Use this link to access the portal for employees without King County email.

  • To log in use your 9-digit PeopleSoft number; include the leading zeroes. If you don’t know it, you can find it on your pay stub.
  • If you’ve logged into KC eLearning before, your password will be the one you set.
  • If this is your first time to KC eLearning, your password is welcome.

If you find you're about to give up or rip your hair out, submit a help ticket, enjoy a cup of tea or a yoga pose, and someone will be in touch to walk you through the process.

We want you to be able to use the resource and are here to help!

To help you take your learning mobile, there is an app you can use for KC eLearning. It’s an excellent way to read books at your convenience, make use of your commute time with audiobooks, or kick off meetings with videos from subject matter experts. You also can access executive summaries and skill briefs.  
Currently, many mobile-ready courses are being added. Only these courses will appear when using the app. You will be able to access the content except for the final test. You’ll need to log back in on a desktop or laptop computer to take the test. The system will remember where you left off on your mobile device. If you don’t see a course when using the app, it’s probably not mobile ready. Check back for it when you’re connected via your desktop or laptop. 
Following are instructions to get you going with the app. 
Download the app from the App Store for IOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices. It’s called Skillsoft Learning App. 

iPhone | Android

Configure the app. Our sitename is KingCounty
Sign in. Sign in with your Skillport credentials. Skillport is the platform we currently use to power KC eLearning. 
Important note: For employees with King County email, you can use your email address as your username and your Windows logon password as your password.

For employees that do not have a King County email address, your username is your PeopleSoft number. It has nine digits. Be sure to include the leading zeroes. If you don’t know it, you can find it on your pay stub. If you’ve logged into KC eLearning before, your password will be the one you set. If this is your first time to KC eLearning, your password is welcome
Personalize your content experience. Once you’re in, select at least three areas of interest. This helps the app automatically populate your home page with potentially relevant resources. 
And you’re off! Enjoy the ease and flexibility of learning on the go!


Download app instructions as a pdf.

Search Smarter

Navigate the Site

skillsoft video screenshot

Use Your Learning Plan

Following are links to our new home page curated collections. They are curated based on topics requested by you: our King County learning community. They are here to help you easily find a small selection of resources for commonly needed learning topics. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to search the entire KC eLearning site through the library icon in the portal’s top navigation bar.

Stay tuned as we develop and refine these resources.

Contribute to an equitable, inclusive and high-functioning work culture.

Strengthen our ability to do, experience and understand.

Focus on what’s important: how we improve life for people in our community.

See also:

Explore Equity and Inclusion

Work Smarter

Does your King County team want to create and/or share custom learning content or a custom learning experience for employees on our enterprise-wide learning portal, KC eLearning? We are happy to connect about how we can help best to meet your needs.

Provide Learning Resources for Your Area of Expertise

If you’re a King County subject matter expert looking to share specific learning resources with employees, we can help. Whether you’d like to curate or improve a collection of existing resources, provide custom content, direct folks to resources outside the portal, or a combination of elements, we welcome your involvement in tailoring our portal to best meet the needs of King County employees.

A few examples:

Curated Collection: Customer Service

This curated collection includes off-the-shelf course series, online books and videos, one quick and one more in-depth learning path for leaders, and some valuable resources housed outside of the portal.

Curated Collection: Lean and Continuous Improvement

This curated collection includes off-the-shelf courses and course series, books recommended by the continuous improvement team, videos, and resources developed and housed by the continuous improvement team on their SharePoint site.

Custom eLearning: KC JAMS Basics

This series of courses was developed by the Department of Judicial Administration training team to train their employees on the internal database.

Custom eLearning: Oracle BRC Training

This series of courses was developed through a collaboration between the Department of Human Resources and the Business Resource Center to train employees on Oracle products used across King County.

Create a Learning Program for Your Employees

If you’re a manager, director, or human resources professional that wants to direct employees to or assign a series of learning resources, we can create a targeted learning program.

From a single-page job aid to overview videos, quizzes, webinars, courses, articles, digital presentations, and books, elearning comes in a variety of formats depending on the audience, information being presented, level of learning expected, and needs of the audience and the organization. We can incorporate any of the above into a learning program for employees as long as the resources are available on the internet.


Learning Program: Elections Employees Mandatory Courses

This learning program was created to assign a series of mandatory courses to Elections employees.

Ready to request a learning program or to see what information is required? Access this form: Request for Learning Program.

If you need to track employee completion and knowledge transfer—and not just access—of a resource, the content needs to be formatted as an elearning course. In this instance, if you want to use external resources, you might consider developing a quiz that demonstrates the learner’s knowledge of the content of the other resources. For more information, see the following section: Design and Develop a Custom eLearning.

Design and Develop a Custom eLearning

Are you or your team developing a custom elearning course or series of courses to train employees? In many cases we are able to add this content to our learning management system (LMS).

Our current LMS for KC eLearning is Skillport. The system requires that courses be saved as zipped SCORM 1.2 files. It does not support Experience API (xAPI or Tin Can API).

Popular software to use in the creation of elearnings is made by Articulate (Storyline, Articulate 360) and Adobe (Captivate). For your convenience, we’ve built links to a few helpful resources and stored them on KC eLearning: eLearning Design and Development.

Before requesting to add your course to KC eLearning, please:

  • Proof and edit the course. Look for consistency, clarity, and accuracy.
  • Test the courseware with the frame of trying to break it. We recommend having several testers take the course, occasionally doing things like: answering a question incorrectly, logging out of the course and then trying to return, using the back buttons, failing a quiz, passing a quiz, etc. Consider having a variety of testers: those who are subject matter experts, as well as those who are members of your target audience and unfamiliar with the subject.
  • Obtain necessary leadership permissions, approvals, and sign offs.

Need somewhere to place your course for testing? The SCORM Cloud is an option. You can sign up for a free account. It’s easy to use and accommodates up to 10 testers.

Ready to request a custom course addition to KC eLearning or to see what information is required? Access this form: Request to Add Custom Course.

Next Step

For more information about tailoring and providing resources, creating a learning program for your employees, or providing a custom elearning to be uploaded on the KC eLearning portal, please send us an email.

Just in case you’re curious, employee access of resources on KC eLearning is tracked and updated every weeknight into PeopleSoft training records.

Can’t sign in? Submit a help ticket, call 206.263.4357, or contact a KC eLearning administrator.

Tried the Search Smarter technique but still need help finding resources? Contact a KC eLearning administrator.

Need help with the Skillsoft App? Call the Skillsoft support line at 1.844.462.1278 or use live help.