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Learning, development, and training

Learning and Development

Reach your full potential

Through an equitable and inclusive lens, we develop, facilitate, and support learning that enables employees to grow and innovate to provide their best work for the King County community.

In order to help you keep learning and engaged—qualities we feel are essential to delivering second-to-none customer service—we focus on giving you a supportive place to grow. A place to develop your skills, do work that matters, and bring your best, authentic self.

Popular programs

Equity and Social Justice

Leading the Way

Your professional development

Learning and Development offers many avenues to develop and enhance your skills to assist in advancing your career within the County! Through eLearning you can take courses online at your own pace, engage in instructor-led classes in real-time, take courses through the Seattle College campuses.

For assistance with skills like creating a resume, identifying and communicating accomplishments, and resources for career development planning, please reach out to Career Support Services (CSS) at For more information on CSS, please visit their website here.