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Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Diverse group of coworkers sharing ideas

Leading the Way:
A leadership development series


The Department of Human Resources Learning and Development group supports King County employees in fulfilling the County's Investing in YOU strategic plan for becoming a best-run government. A primary focus is to support "people leaders" to develop fundamental skills and ways of thinking that foster great leadership, grounded in equity.

The Leading the Way training series provides a foundation of great leadership by developing the necessary building blocks with these core modules.


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Live webinars

To get the most out of the learning experience, it is recommended (not required) to take the three foundational courses in the following order if possible: Leader Mindset, Staying Steady, Equity and Leadership.

  • Leader Mindset: Leading a team starts with understanding yourself and your responsibility to create a team culture of belonging where all employees can thrive. Offered monthly, register here.
  • Staying Steady: When leaders prioritize supporting their and their team’s wellbeing, they add to the creation of a values-based culture where team members have a sense of stability, feel respected, and can work more effectively. Offered every other month, register here.
  • Equity and Leadership: Created in partnership with the Office of Equity and Social Justice, Equity and Leadership is designed to support participants’ ability to recognize the role that race and racism have on disparities in our workforce and to understand the responsibility for people leaders to create racially equitable work environments for their teams. This course is part of Leading the Way, as well as the Equity and Social Justice training series. Offered every other month, register here.

NeoGov training, online self-paced eLearning

Intended to be practiced with the principles and ideals in Leading the Way foundational courses and True North and Values, Supervisor Nuts & Bolts covers topics on policies, processes, and resources that support supervisors and managers in their role as leaders.

  • Supervisor Nuts & Bolts: A collection of on-demand videos about the basics of King County resources available to you and your teams such as Employee Assistance Program and Making Life Easier (EAP/MLE), Balanced You, and True North and Values. It also contains initiatives, processes, and policies on topics such as the Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan, Code of Ethics, Domestic Workplace Violence and more! Access these videos in NeoGov by using single sign-in or the NeoGov desktop icon, click “Training” on the left and search “Supervisor Nuts & Bolts” in the Course Catalog.

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