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Clerk's Office responsibilities include the receipt and disbursement of most type of payments made in superior court cases.  State and County laws mandate the collection and disbursement of these fees and fines.  All fees must be paid in advance per RCW 36.18.060.

Fee Amount:

For fees related to filing, obtaining copies and other clerk's services, see the "Fee Schedule Listing" below.  Click on the fee topic to see a listing of the costs and legal reference authorizing the fee amount. Or, download a PDF copy using the following link:

Fee Payment:

For information on acceptable payment methods, click on the "Fee Payment Information" tab.

Fee Waiver:

For forms and instruction to request a waiver of filing fees, to appeal a non-compliance or request a waiver of Clerk's fees, or to obtain more information regarding a waiver of Superior Court program fees, click on the "Fee Waiver Information" tab.

Contact Us:

For help, Clerk's Office staff are available to assist you by phone (206-296-9300, TTY: 206-296-0100), via email ( or at any public counter in one of the three Clerk's Office locations.

Payment Information:
  • Filing fees and services paid in-person may be made in cash, by check or money order, credit or debit card.  Payments sent through the mail must be made by check or money order.
  • Checks must be drawn on a Washington State bank with the payer's name and address imprinted on the check.  Checks and money orders must be made payable to the "Clerk."
  • Payments for filing fees and services made online must be made by electronic check or credit card.  Note that a transaction service charge applies to electronic payments.
  • For information regarding payments on Legal Financial Obligations, click here.

This page contains topic areas where fee waivers or reductions are possible.

Filing Fees

The following instructions and forms can be used to request a waiver of filing fees in civil and family law court cases.

Instructions: Forms:

The forms are available at no cost in the Clerk's Office or the Family Law Facilitators Office (Seattle Courthouse: W-382; Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent: 3-D), and on the Washington Courts website: (directly: Forms: General Rule 34 Request for Waiver of Civil Filing Fees and Surcharges).

Clerk's Fees

Read the following instructions and complete the form(s) to request a Clerk's fee waiver for Ex Parte via the Clerk and Expedited fees.

If you believe that you have received a non-compliance invoice in error and you have already spoken with the clerk whose name and number is listed on your notice, you may submit an appeal form:

Family Court Service Fees
Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services are provided at no cost for all court events.  From Afghani to Zulu, King County Superior Court's Office of Interpreter Services (OIS) obtains interpreters for more than 140 different languages to assist non-English speakers with court matters.

Fee Waiver Rules and Statutes
Clerk's Non-Compliance Fee Billing - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The Order Setting Case Schedule gives notice that parties (case litigants) must follow local court rules and case schedules. All parties will receive a non-compliance fee billing if it is determined the case is not in compliance.
The clerk’s office staff review cases to make sure that they are not left open and inactive or unresolved. The Superior Court Clerk has the authority to finalize the disposition of a case that is open without action beyond deadlines established by the local court rules, mainly Local Rule 41, and case schedules. A signed dismissal order closes the case.
You can request an extension to file final documents by emailing Please include your case number and the amount of time needed. The clerk is authorized to extend the deadline to file final documents up to 60 days from the file date of clerk notice of intent to dismiss. Any requests for additional time beyond the 60 days must be made to your assigned Judge, or if your case is not assigned to a Judge your request should be made before the Chief Civil Judge.
A status conference is held if the Confirmation of Issues form and a response or joinder to the petition are not filed timely, or if the confirmation form as completed requires a status conference [see KC LFLR 4(e)]. The parties to the case and/or their attorney are required to attend the status conference.  For more information go to the Superior Court Status Conference and Non-Compliance Hearings webpage.
A status conference is set in the Order Setting Case Schedule filed when the case is opened. The petitioner is required to serve a copy of the case schedule on the other party(ies), along with the summons and petition and other documents. The only notice that the parties will receive of the initial status conference is the Order Setting Case Schedule document.
An Order to Go to Court is issued, which requires parties to appear at a Non-Compliance hearing. Failure to appear at the status conference also results in parties receiving a non-compliance fee invoice.
The court may enter an Order of Dismissal Without Prejudice and the case will be closed.
The clerk’s office is authorized to audit guardianship and trust cases to ensure compliance with Washington law which require guardians and trustees to file annual/biannual/triannual reports. If a report and order approving the report are not filed timely in your case, the clerk may send you an Order to go to Court with a specific date to appear. You may also receive a non-compliance fee.
The attorney representing the guardian or trustee is responsible for non-compliance fees. If the guardian or trustee are not represented by an attorney, then the guardian or trustee will be assessed a fee.
Yes, even if you are now compliant, you will be responsible for paying the non-compliance fee.
When a guardian or trustee is appointed, they are provided a tracking schedules which lists the due dates for annual reports. Each year when your report is filed and approved by the court, you will be issued a new tracking schedule.
The Clerk has the authority per King County Code: 4A.630.020 Failure to bring case to completion. The department of judicial administration is hereby authorized to assess a fee to either parties to an action filed with the superior court or attorneys representing the parties, or both, who fail to bring cases to completion because of failure to appear for trial, failure to file final order on settlement, failure to follow case schedule, failure to file final judgment or appeal following a arbitration award; lack of action of record or failure to comply with court-ordered deadlines for reports. The fee assessed shall be fifty dollars to cover costs associated with identifying these cases and notifying either the parties or the attorneys, or both.
If you believe you received a non-compliance bill or invoice in error, please call the clerk listed in your notice. You may also submit an appeal form: Non-Compliance Fee Appeal Form.
Payment of non-compliance invoices may be made in person at the King County Office of Finance, 500 Fourth AVE, Room 620, Seattle, WA 98104, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may also mail in payment to the above address. The Department of Finance accepts checks, money orders and cashier checks. You may pay in person with cash.
The King County Department of Finance will mail out an invoice within 30 days of the clerk notice of non-compliance. If after 30 days the bill has not been paid the customer will be sent a Delinquency Notice. If after 30 days from the date of the Delinquency Notice, the bill is still not paid the invoice will be referred to a collection agency, Professional Credit Service (PCS).
Yes. To do so, you will need to get in touch with the clerk’s accounts receivable contact, Rose Langford. Her email is Her phone number is 206-263-1261.
Please contact Rose Langford. Her email is Her phone number is 206-263-1261.

Fee Schedule Listing (effective January 1, 2022)

Fee Description Reference
$240.00 Appeal from Administrative hearing decision RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$230.00 Civil Appeal from lower court RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$200.00 Criminal Appeal from lower court (Imposed when affirmed or dismissed) RCW 36.18.020(2)(h)
$290.00 Notice of Appeal to Appellate Court (Make check payable to King County Clerk) RCW 2.32.070; RCW 36.18.018(2,4)
$0.50 Clerk's Papers, per page RAP 9.7(a); RCW 36.18.016(21)
Transmittal of record and exhibits RAP 9.8; RAP 15.4
Fee Description Reference
$53.00 Antiharassment Action RCW 36.18.020(2)(d)
$20.00 Change of Venue Transfer Fee (Copy fees, if applicable, are in addition) RCW 36.18.016(19)
$240.00 Change of Venue, Civil (Make check payable to the Clerk of the County to which the case is transferred) RCW 4.12.090-100; RCW 36.18.016(16)
$260.00 Change of Venue, Domestic (Make check payable to the Clerk of the County to which the case is transferred) RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$20.00 Citations (Original and one conformed copy) KCC 4A.630.040
$240.00 Civil Action RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
Civil Arbitration Fee
RCW 36.18.016(25); KCC 4A.630.070
$240.00 Civil Counterclaim, Cross-Claim or Third-Party Claim RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$260.00 Counter Petition in a Domestic Relations Action RCW 36.18.016(16)
$260.00 Custody of Child - Non-Parental RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$314.00 Dissolution of Marriage RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(2)(b); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$50.00 Emancipation of a Minor RCW 36.18.014; RCW 13.64.020
$200.00 Extension of Judgment RCW 36.18.016(15)
$240.00 Foreign Judgment, Civil RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$260.00 Foreign, Judgment, Domestic RCW 36.18.016(16)
$35.00 Frivolous Claim of Lien RCW 36.18.012(9); RCW 36.18.016(18)
$240.00 Judicial Review RCW 34.05.514; RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$250.00 Jury Demand - 12 Jurors RCW 36.18.016(3)
$125.00 Jury Demand - 6 Jurors RCW 36.18.016(3)
$314.00 Legal Separation / Invalidity RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(2)(b); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$56.00 Modification of King County Decree; or, Counterclaim, Cross-Claim or Third-Party Claim RCW 26.09.480; RCW 36.18.016(2); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$260.00 Modification of Decree other than King County RCW 36.18.020(2,4); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$20.00 Petition to Strike Restrictive Covenants RCW 49.60.227; RCW 36.18.012(6)
$20.00 Registration of Land (Torrens Act) RCW 65.12.780; RCW 36.18.016(14)
$20.00 Subpoena (Original and one conformed copy) KCC 4A.630.040
$400.00 Request for Trial De Novo RCW 36.18.016(26)
$20.00 Tax Warrant RCW 36.18.012(10)
$20.00 Transcript from District Court, Abstract of Judgment, or Verdict from any Superior or Federal Court in the State of Washington RCW 36.18.012(2)
$260.00 Uniform Parentage Act filings RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(16)

Residential Unlawful Detainer:
$85.00      > Default RCW 36.18.012(4); RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$157.00      > Counterclaim, Cross-Claim or Third-Party Claim RCW 36.18.012(4); RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$112.00      > Additional Fee Required by Plaintiff for an Order to Show Cause and/or if Answer is Filed RCW 36.18.012(4); RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Non-Residential Unlawful Detainer RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$260.00 Wage Assignment for Paternity and Child Support Enforcement RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$20.00 Warrant (Original and one conformed copy) KCC 4A.630.040
$25.00 Water Rights Filing Fee RCW 36.18.016(17); RCW 90.030.180
$20.00 Writ (Original and one conformed copy) KCC 4A.630.040
$20.00 Any Writ issued by the Clerk to include Order of Sale on Judicial Foreclosure RCW 36.18.016(6); RCW 36.18.050
Fee Description Reference
Filing fee
RCW 10.01.160; RCW 10.01.170

Crime Victim Penalty Assessment:
     > Felony or Cross Misdemeanor
RCW 7.68.035(1)(a)
     > Misdemeanor
RCW 7.68.035(1)(a)
LFO collection fee
RCW 36.18.016(29)
Other costs as imposed by the Court
RCW 10.01.160; RCW 10.01.170
Fee Description Reference

Crime Victim Penalty Assessment:
$100.00      > Felony or Gross Misdemeanor RCW 7.68.035(1)(b)
$75.00      > Misdemeanor RCW 7.68.035(1)(b)
Fee Description Reference
$260.00 Adoption filing RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 36.18.016(16)
$240.00 Emergency Guardianship or Conservatorship filing RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Guardianship / Conservatorship or Protective Arrangement Filing (there is no fee if the petition alleges total assets are less than $3,000.) RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 11.130.170(2)
$240.00 Minor Guardianship Filing (There is no fee on cases when the potential guardian is a relative.)
RCW 36.18.020(2,5); RCW 11.30.170(3)
$5.00 Letters of Administration, Testamentary, or Guardianship; Form K RCW 36.18.016(9)
$240.00 Notice to Creditors (Non-Probate) RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Petition Admitting Rejected Will, or Contesting Will, or Objecting to a Written Agreement or Memorandum RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Probate filing RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Counterclaim, Cross-Claim or Third-Party Claim RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Counter Petition, Cross-Claim or Third-Party Claim RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 Registration of Trust RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$20.00 Certification of Trust KCC 4A.630.040
$20.00 TEDRA Non-Judicial Binding Agreement, in an existing case RCW 36.18.012(8)
$240.00 TEDRA Non-Judicial Binding Agreement, filed as a new case RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$240.00 TEDRA Summons and Petition RCW 36.18.020(2,5)
$20.00 Will filing only - No Probate of Decedent's Estate RCW 36.18.012(7)
$20.00 Will Repository RCW 36.18.016(28)
Fee Description Reference/Other

Settlements, Tender, Bonds, Garnishments, Judgments, Interpleader:
$10.00      > On each payment of $25.01 and over KCC 4A.630.120(B)(2)

Exceptions to Trust Account Service Fees:

     > A payment of $25.00 or less

     > Fee waived by the Clerk on the basis of a Hardship Affidavit on file (Applications are available at the Clerk's Financial Services counters)

     > Fee waived by the Court (Requires a Court Order)
Fee Description Reference

Abstract of Judgment (prepared by the clerk):
$5.00      > For the first page of each document RCW 36.18.016(4)
$1.00      > For each additional page RCW 36.18.016(4)
$0.50 Copies prepared by staff, per page (non-certified) RCW 36.18.016(4)
$2.00 Administering an Oath - Per Seal on document requiring signature by the Clerk RCW 36.18.016(5)

Authenticated or Exemplified Copies:
$9.00      > For the first page of each document RCW 36.18.016(4)
$1.00      > For each additional page RCW 36.18.016(4)
$5.00      > If Exemplified Copy of Money Judgment (includes Abstract of Judgment) RCW 36.18.016(4)
$2.00 Conformed Copies with State Seal RCW 36.18.016(4)

Certified Copies:
$5.00      > For the first page of each document RCW 36.18.016(4)
$1.00      > For each additional page RCW 36.18.016(4)
Supplemental Proceedings (filing motion / order to appear or note for hearing)
$20.00      > Motion for Judicial Subpoena RCW 36.18.016(7)
$20.00      > Motion for Examination of Judgment Debtor  RCW 36.18.016(7)
$20.00      > Motion for Supplemental Proceedings RCW 36.18.016(7)
$30.00 Ex Parte Orders (For a single submission of 1 - 5 Orders per case) RCW 36.18.016(12)

$30.00      > Disposal of court exhibits KCC 4A.630.150
$30.00      > Conversion of file exhibits KCC 4A.630.160
$30.00 Expedited Service Fee, in addition to the regular service fee KCC 4A.630.170
$15.00 Extra Handling / Faulty Document Fee for each incomplete or incorrect document KCC 4A.630.060
$0.50 Forms, per page RCW 36.18.016(4)

5% of

Investment Service Fee: Court ordered investment of Trust Funds of $2,000 or more RCW 36.48.090
$50.00 Non-Compliance KCC 4A.630.020
$20.00 Non-Judicial Filing (Filing any paper not related to or part of any proceeding) RCW 36.18.012(3)
$35.00 Dishonored Payment Service Charge, per item KCC 4A.600.100
$4.00 Program Report Fee, per page RCW 36.18.016(11)
$30.00 Search Records, per hour (one hour minimum) RCW 36.18.016(11)
$0.25 Self-Service Microfilm Copies or ECR Image Duplications, per page RCW 36.18.016(4)
$20.00 Additional charge for copies made on Compact Disk (CD) RCW 36.18.016(4)
$0.15 Self-Service Photocopies, per page KCC 4A.630.110
$25.00 Video - Copy (For copy of previously recorded courtroom proceedings) RCW 36.18.016(13)

Audio Recording Copy:
$10.00      > Cassette Tape RCW 36.18.016(13)
$25.00      > Compact Disk RCW 36.18.016(13)
$7.00 Handling Fee (For mailing items when a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) is not provided) KCC 4A.630.180
$3.00 Postage (For mailing when SASE is not provided) KCC 4A.630.180
$30.00 Electronic Working Copies KCC 4A.630.190
$5.00 Daily New Case Report KCC 4A.630.200
$5.00 Daily Judgments Audit Report KCC 4A.630.200
$200.00 Continuing Legal Education Program KCC 4A.630.050
  Case Index Data Subscriptions:
$3,600.00 Criminal Case Index - Annual
KCC 4A.630.095
$1,800.00 Criminal Case Index - Semiannual
KCC 4A.630.095
$1,500.00 Criminal Case Index - Single
KCC 4A.630.095
$1,800.00 General Case Index - Annual
KCC 4A.630.095
$900.00 General Case Index - Semiannual
KCC 4A.630.095
$750.00 General Case Index - Single
KCC 4A.630.095
$600.00 Probate Case Index - Semiannual KCC 41.630.095
$1,200.00 Probate Case Index - Annual KCC 41.630.095