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    (a) Pattern Interrogatories for Specific Areas of Practice:  (Reserved)

Comment: The King County Superior Court will adopt a process for approving Pattern Interrogatories for use in discrete practice areas. The process and the pattern interrogatories will be available from the KCSC website:, as well as through the office of the King County Clerk.
    (b) Appropriate Use of Pattern Interrogatories.  It is not required nor recommended that all interrogatories contained in a pattern set be used in every case.  It shall be the obligation of counsel or a party to determine which interrogatories are appropriate to the facts of the case.
    (c) Format.  All Pattern Interrogatories should be contained in a separate document.  Although minor variations may be made to these interrogatories to fit the circumstances of a particular case, identifying the document as Pattern Interrogatories is a warranty by the attorney or party signing the interrogatories that such interrogatories are identical in substance to the Pattern Interrogatories approved by the court.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2005; amended effective September 1, 2008.]