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    (a) Orders of Reference.  Before the Court can order a matter referred to a referee under RCW 4.48, a complaint or petition shall be filed with the clerk.  If an order of reference by consent is sought under RCW 4.48.010, the motion requesting the reference, including a summary showing the referee is qualified under RCW 4.48.040, and the written consent shall be filed with the clerk, and the action shall be exempt from Local Rule 4.  If assignment without consent is sought by a party under RCW 4.48.020 a motion requesting that a case be referred to a referee shall be brought for hearing before the department to which the case has been assigned, or, if not assigned to a particular department, to the Respective Chief Judge. See LGR 29(h).
    (b) Public Proceedings.  All proceedings before a referee pursuant to RCW 4.48 shall be open to the public unless the Court orders otherwise.
    (c) Posting of Notice of Trial.  At least five days before the date the case is scheduled for trial before a referee, counsel shall provide the clerk with two copies of a notice, suitable for posting, that sets forth the caption, cause number, name of referee, and the date and place of trial. If the Court has ordered that the proceedings shall be closed to the public, the notice shall so state.  One copy of the notice shall be posted by the clerk; the other copy shall be filed in the court file.
    (d) Termination of Case.  If a case referred to a referee is terminated without the filing of a final judgment, the parties shall have an order of dismissal entered or file with the clerk a notice or certificate of settlement as provided in LCR 41(e).

[Adopted effective September 1, 1993; amended effective September 1, 2003; September 1, 2008; September 1, 2017.]