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    (a) When.
        (1) Judgments and Orders to Be Filed Forthwith. Any order, judgment or decree which has been signed by the Court shall not be taken from the Courthouse, but must be filed forthwith by the attorney obtaining it with the Clerk's office or with the Clerk in the courtroom.
    (b) Effective Time.
        (1) Effective on Filing in Clerk's Office. Judgments, orders and decrees shall be effective from the time of filing in the Clerk's central office.
        (2) Evaluation and Treatment Orders. Orders issued pursuant to RCW 71.05.150(2) to detain a person to a designated evaluation and treatment facility for not more than seventy-two-hour evaluation and treatment period, shall be effective immediately from the time of issuance.
    (h) Reporting to Department of Licensing.
        (1) The Clerk is required to report data about certain civil judgments involving motor vehicle cases (Title 46 RCW) to the Washington State Department of Licensing. To ensure the necessary data is available to the Clerk for reporting purposes, parties to such judgments shall provide to the Clerk a completed “DOL Reporting Data Sheet”, which is available at the Clerk’s Office or on the Clerk’s website:, within thirty days after entry of judgment.

Official Comment

“The court deleted LCR 58(c) as unnecessary. This issue is addressed by the best evidence rule.”  

[Amended effective January 22, 2008, September 1, 2011; September 1, 2015.]