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    (a) Motion and Notice of Hearing. The form of motion and notice of hearing shall conform to LCR 7(b). The motion will be considered without oral argument unless called for by the court.  
    (b) Response and Reply. No response to a motion for reconsideration shall be filed unless requested by the court.  No motion for reconsideration will be granted without such a request. If a response is called for, a reply may be filed within two judicial days of service of the response.
    (c) Form of Proposed Order. The moving party and any party given leave to file a memorandum in opposition shall attach an original proposed order to the working copies submitted to the hearing judge. Working copies shall be submitted pursuant to the requirements of LCR 7(b) to the extent not inconsistent with this rule.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2008; amended effective June 1, 2009; September 1, 2018; September 1, 2021.]