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    (b) Supplemental Proceedings.
        (1) Obtaining Order Setting Supplemental Proceedings. A judgment creditor seeking an order compelling a judgment debtor or third party to appear to provide testimony supplemental to a judgment under RCW 6.32.010 or 6.32.030 shall file a motion in the Ex Parte and Probated Department for an order setting the supplemental proceeding.  The motion may be submitted ex parte and the proposed order shall set the supplemental proceeding to be held before the Respective Chief Judge.  See LGR 29(h).
        (2) Time. Supplemental proceedings shall be set at the time and day specified for supplemental proceedings on the court’s schedule, by location.  See the clerk’s website (

[Adopted effective September 1, 1984; amended effective September 1, 1996; September 1, 2003; September 1, 2008; September 1, 2018.]