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    Pursuant to RCW 71.09.055, requests for expert services are funded by the Washington State Office of Public Defense (WSOPD).  A request for funds in excess of those authorized by WSOPD or for a second evaluator shall be addressed to the assigned trial judge. If the assigned trial judge disqualifies him or herself on the motion for expert services, the judge will refer the motion to the Chief Civil Judge.
    The motion may be made ex parte, and, upon a showing of good cause, the moving papers may be ordered sealed by the court, and shall remain sealed until further order of the court.  Respondent shall provide a copy of the motion to seal and proposed order to the petitioner.
    Nothing in this rule limits requirements for the timely disclosure of experts intended to be called by the respondent at trial.  

[Adopted effective September 1, 2008; September 1, 2015.]