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In accordance with GR 7, the King County Superior Court has adopted emergency changes to LCrR 2.2. The changes can be found here.

  (b) Issuance of Summons in Lieu of Warrant.
    (1) When Summons Must Issue.  Absent a showing of cause for issuance of a warrant, a summons shall issue for a person who has been released on personal recognizance by a magistrate by the exercise of discretion on the preliminary appearance calendar.  The person shall be directed to appear on the arraignment calendar.
    (g) Information to Be Supplied to the Court.  When a charge is filed in Superior Court and a warrant is requested, the court shall be provided with the following information about the person charged:
 (1) The pretrial release interview form, if any, completed by either a bail interviewer or by the defense counsel.
     (2) By the prosecuting attorney, insofar as possible.
   (A) A brief summary of the alleged facts of the charge;
     (B) Information concerning other known pending or potential charges;
 (C) A summary of any known criminal record;
 (D) Any other facts deemed material to the issue of pretrial release;
     (E) Any ruling of a magistrate at a preliminary appearance.

[Amended effective September 1, 2001.]