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     These rules for guardians ad litem shall be referred to as LGALR.  These rules apply to guardians ad litem appointed by the court pursuant to Title 11, Title 13 or Title 26 RCW, and to guardians ad litem appointed pursuant to Special Proceeding Rule (SPR) 98.16W, RCW 4.08.050 and RCW 4.08.060.
     These rules do not apply to guardians ad litem or Special Representatives appointed pursuant Chapter 11.96A RCW; Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) with respect to whom other grievance procedures apply; persons appointed to serve as Custodians for Minors pursuant to Chapter 11.114 RCW, or guardians ad litem to hold funds for incapacitated persons under Title 11 RCW.
     Complaints by guardians ad litem or by other persons against guardians ad litem (also referred to as “grievances”) shall be administered by this process.  

[Adopted effective September 1, 2003.]