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    (a)  Pre-Trial Hearings.
        (1) Dependency Cases.  The pre-trial hearing shall be set in the original Case Schedule.
        (2) Termination and Guardianship Cases.  At the preliminary hearing, the parties shall select a pre-trial date approximately one month before the trial date, if the case is not resolved at the preliminary hearing.
        (3) Pre-trial Hearing Continuances. Pre-trial hearings may be continued by stipulated order on agreement of all the parties so long as the trial date remains unchanged.
    (b) Pre-Trial Order.  If the case is not resolved at or prior to the pre-trial hearing date, the matter shall be set for a contested fact finding hearing and a pre-trial order shall be entered. The order shall set forth the expected length of trial, particular witness problems, final disclosure dates and other related matters.  Only after a pre-trial order is signed, will the case be placed on the trial board for assignment.
    (c) Fact Finding Hearing Continuances Entered in Conjunction with Pre-trial Order.  A separate order of continuance is required, if the parties are seeking to change the fact finding hearing date. A new date cannot simply be written on the pre-trial order.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2016.]