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    (a) 30 Day Hearing and New Issues
        (1) Time.  The second hearing shall be set within 30 days of the first hearing, unless by the agreement on the record or in writing of all parties or the order of the Court.
        (2) Procedure.  Unless a party has filed and served written notice of new issues as outlined below, a hearing in open court will not occur; parties presence will be excused; and an order continuing the terms of the 72 hour shelter care hearing will be entered by the court.
        (3) New Issues.  Reasonable advance written notice shall be given to the court and other parties of the new issues any party seeks to raise at the 30 day hearing.  The party seeking to modify terms or enforce compliance with the terms of a 72 hour shelter care order shall give written notice to the Court and other parties not later than noon three days prior to the hearing. Responses will be provided by noon the day before the hearing. All other issues require six days written notice to the parties and the court according to LCR 7.
     (b) Modification of Shelter Care Order after 30 Day Hearing. An additional shelter care hearing can be set on the contested-hearing calendar upon the filing of a note for calendar and a written "Motion and Affidavit of Change of Circumstances" with six judicial days' notice to all parties. The motion shall specify the change in circumstances, relief requested, statement of facts and the evidence relied upon, and shall be properly served on all parties.  All responsive pleadings shall be submitted to the Court and parties pursuant to LCR 7. The hearing date shall be obtained from the Court.

[Effective January 2, 1994; amended effective July 1, 1994; March 20, 1997; September 1, 2005; September 2, 2013; September 1, 2016; September 1, 2021.]