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    (a) Petition.  A Petition requesting the termination of a parent-child relationship may be filed in Juvenile Court.  The petition shall conform to the requirements of LJuCR 3.2 and 3.3, shall be verified, and shall state the facts which underlie each of the allegations required by RCW 13.34.180.
    (b) Amendment of Petition.  A termination petition may be amended as provided in LJuCR 3.5.
    (c) Answer.  A parent shall file an answer to the petition as provided in LJuCR 3.6.  A CASA for a child or a child aged twelve or older may file an answer to the petition, but shall not be required to do so.  Answers shall be due not later than 65 days after the filing of the petition, or at such other time as may be set by the Court.  In no event shall an answer be required less than 20 days after service of the Notice and Summons and Petition.

[Adopted effective January 2, 1994; amended effective August 20, 1998; September 1, 2005; September 2, 2013.]