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Ex Parte is a special department of Superior Court assigned responsibility, under Local Court Rules, for certain short matters and emergency or unopposed orders.

Please Note: King County Superior Court requires that certain ex parte matters be presented through the Clerk’s Office in writing, without oral argument. Please review the Ex Parte Motions and Hearings Manual, available on the Clerk’s Office Website, for specific information on related procedures.

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King County Courthouse
516 3rd Avenue
Courtroom W-325
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 477-2517
HOURS: M-F: 9:00am-noon & 1:30-4:15pm
Maleng Regional Justice Center
401 Fourth Ave. N
Courtroom 1J
Kent, WA 98032
Phone: (206) 477-2517
HOURS: M-F: 9:00am-noon & 1:30-4:15pm

Inquiries regarding Ex Parte via the Clerk can be directed to 206-477-0848 (Seattle) or 206-477-3047 (Kent).  Additional information may be found online on the Clerk's Ex Parte via the Clerk webpage.

Calendar Schedules

Calendar Time
Evictions 9:00am
Motions 9:00am
Guardianships/Probate 10:30am
Adoptions (Seattle) 9:00am and 1:30pm
Adoptions (Kent) 1:30pm
Non-Attorney Dissolutions 1:30pm
Walk-Ins 9:00am - 12pm and 1:30 - 3:45pm

Useful Links

  • Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders 
  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainer actions
  • Guardianships and Trusts
  • Minor or Incapacitated Adult Settlements
  • Probate/trusts
  • Orders setting hearings
  • Requests for emergency temporary domestic violence, anti-harassment, and sexual assault protection orders.
  • Requests for emergency temporary restraining orders, obtain a return/injunction hearing date and time from assigned judge's bailiff or if no assigned judge, from Chief Civil before presenting the TRO to Ex Parte.
  • Adoptions
  • Most types of agreed and default orders, except as provided otherwise by rule. Those orders that may be presented without notice and a hearing such as agreed orders, default orders, and orders to schedule a hearing, may be presented on a walk-in basis to either court (Seattle or Kent) or upon payment of a fee through the clerk's mail-in process.
  • Those matters that require notice to another party and all matters listed under Local Rule 98.16; 98.04 and 98.20 to be scheduled for hearing must be presented in person, except motions for reconsideration or except as the court orders otherwise. See the King County Local Rules for further information.

If you are the moving party and are striking a motion, please call or email the Ex Parte Coordinator at 206-477-2517 or and provide the cause number, case name, date and time of hearing, and whether you are re-noting the matter and would like working papers to be moved. Please note, the matter will still appear on the Court Calendar and it is the striking party’s responsibility to notify the other parties.

Call or email the Ex Parte Coordinator at 206-477-2517 or and provide the cause number, case name, date and time of hearing, the name and phone number of the requesting party, and a brief reason for the request.

You may submit working copies electronically through the Clerk's Office e-filing application, deliver them to the judge’s mailroom, or deliver them directly to the Ex Parte Department.

The Guardianship Delinquency and Probate Review Calendars are heard:

  • Seattle: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 PM in Courtroom W-325, Courtroom 1
  • Kent: Wednesdays at 1:30 PM in Courtroom 1J

Guardians are strongly encouraged to use the form templates and instructions provided by the King County Superior Court. Guardianship forms should be completed in their entirety prior to your hearing. Incomplete forms will cause delays and may possibly result in the need to reschedule your hearing.

You may also be able to complete the required steps without attending the scheduled hearing.

Contact the Ex Parte Department Coordinator at (206) 477-2517 or by sending an email to for more information about the Guardianship Delinquency and Probate Review Calendar.


Links to a variety of assistance programs are available on the 'Don't Have an Attorney?' webpage.