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If you feel we made a mistake in valuing your property, please call us at 206-296-7300. We will be happy to review your valuation and answer your questions. You can review your property/account info online at eReal Property

Property Valuation


File your Appeal online File appeal online

Property Sales Information: There are three different ways to access property sales to evaluate whether you believe your property assessment reflects fair market value. First, you may access eSales Search, our online search tool available to identify information about property that sold within King County by clicking on Second, you may access listings of sales by specific appraisal areas by clicking on Third, you may use the online eAppeals program identified below.

Factual Error Corrections: If you think we have made a factual error, (for example, we listed the wrong number of bathrooms, etc.), please call us at 206-296-7300. We will be happy to review your valuation and answer your questions. In addition, you can also contact the King County Property Tax Advisor, an independent taxpayer assistance office, at 206-477-1060. 

Where to File Appeal: Taxpayers who believe the assessed value of their property exceeds its fair market value have the opportunity to appeal each year following receipt of the revaluation notice by filing a petition to the King County Board of Appeals/Equalization (BOE), an independent King County agency. Taxpayers can file appeal online using: online eAppealsFile appeal online

When to File an Appeal - Annual Valuation Notices:
By law appeals may be filed by July 1st of each year but no later than 60 days after the mailing date listed on the Assessor's Official Property Value Notice. However, it is best to file after the Assessor completes the annual revaluation of property and taxpayers receive the Official Property Value Notice post cards to avoid confusion about what value you are appealing. If you use eAppeals to file, you cannot file before May 1st. If the eAppeals system lists a filing deadline in the current year, the current assessment year values have been updated.

Both real and personal property are revalued annually and new value determinations are mailed to taxpayers on Official Property Value Notice cards. The Department of Assessments typically begins sending out these revaluation cards in May, finishing the bulk mailings sometime in October. These new valuations will be the basis for the amount of taxes due the following year. For example, valuation notices sent during 2015 are the Assessor's market value estimates as of January 1, 2015, which are the values that will be used to calculate the amount of taxes due for the 2016 tax year.

Filing Deadline: Within 60 Days of the Mailing Date Printed on the Official Property Value Notice. DON’T MISS THE FILING DEADLINE!

Compare Properties or File Appeal Online: Compare properties or file your appeal petition online using: online eAppeals

In your appeal, you must present evidence that the assessor has erred in your appraisal, including sales of comparable properties in your area. You should also submit other pertinent information that demonstrates the difference between the assessor's value and the correct value.

If you do not agree with the county board's decision, you may appeal to the Washington Board of Tax Appeals (external link) where you must again present proof that the assessor has erred in your appraisal. Like the county board, the state board considers only questions of value. You do not have to be represented by an attorney to appeal your property assessment. You also can pursue litigation in court.

My house square footage is 80% of my neighbor’s, why is the value of my house not 80% of their value?

Property value is based on a broader range of characteristics, not just limited to size. Some of these characteristics are age, condition, building grade, view, amenities, lot size and more. King County residents can find information on their property characteristics by using eReal Property on the Department of Assessments web page.

Why is my neighbor's value lower than mine?
Different types of property appreciate or depreciate at different rates in the marketplace. Your value may not have been equalized with others thus indicating that one property needed to increase or decrease more than the other in order to equalize them.
My neighbor's property across the street seems to have the same house and lot size that I do. Why is their value lower than mine?
It is possible that your property characteristics are not the same as your neighbor’s. To make certain, please go the eReal Property on the Department of Assessments web page and make certain you are comparing both improvements and land characteristics. Any characteristic differences may affect value. For example:
  • If your view is different your value could be substantially different
  • If the building grades are different, your value could be substantially different from your neighbors.
My view is blocked/diminished by trees.

Views affected by trees diminish over time.

  • Do you own the blocking trees? If so you may control your view. (Check with your jurisdiction regarding trimming restrictions.)
  • Please take advantage of the appeals process if you believe your property characteristics negatively affect your value or contact the Department of Assessments
    at Assessor.Info@KingCounty.Gov or 206-296-7300 for information regarding an assessment review.
Why did my appraised land value go up?

It may be that the allocation of your land value to your total value was too low. The examination of market sales indicated that your land value as vacant should be increased.

I don't disagree with my land value but my house value is way out of whack. I have made no improvements to my house how could my house value go up?

The real estate market is constantly changing. Total value is reflective of the market at a given point in time. Your assessed value is as of January 1st. You pay your tax on the total value. We value land as though vacant. Subtracting the land value from the total value leaves any remaining value that the market recognizes as contributory to the whole.

How can the county assessment be higher than that of my recent professional appraisal?

Our values were established January 1. Your professional appraisal was completed after that date. In a declining market, time will create a market change. In addition, because of the influence of time the adjustments your appraiser made for comparable properties may have not been reflective of the market as of January 1.

The area report says you use all the verified at market sales in my area but the sales grid sent to me shows only three sales. What sales did you use to value my property?

We used all the sales which were verified as or appeared to be market sales available in the area in which you live. All of the sales used in our valuation can be found in the Area Reports. To identify which area your home is located in, please check eReal Property on the Department of Assessments web page.

My house just sold for much less than you have it assessed for. Will you correct my assessment and will you be issuing a refund?

Your individual sale will typically not affect your current value. However, your sale will be analyzed along with all other sales from your area for your next annual valuation.

When you submit your petition to the Board of Equalization, the staff processes your petition, sends you an acknowledgement letter, and forwards the copy of your petition to the Assessor’s Office for their review and response.

The Board of Equalization, not the Department of Assessments, schedules your hearing. You should contact the Board of Equalization regarding the scheduling of your hearing. The Board of Equalization can be reached at:

Board of Equalization: 516 3rd Avenue, Room 1222, Seattle, WA 98104 Phone: 206-477-3400 Online: Board of Equalization webpage

For additional information review Preparing Your Appeal and FAQ.

If you have decided to sell or close your business, please contact us to obtain an Advance Tax Request form (.PDF). This form provides us with information we need to update the business account with the new owner's information or to cancel the account if the business is closing. This will ensure that the final tax bill is sent to the appropriate person.