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File your appeal by mail

Appeal your property taxes by mail. Download all of the necessary forms on this page.

How it works

You can appeal assessed property values once you receive your annual valuation notice. You'll need to present evidence that the assessor made an error in your appraisal. Evidence could include sales of comparable properties in your area.

Include all evidence with your appeal. With a prompt submission, you could get a reduction offer without attending a hearing.

Other types of evidence could include

  • Info on similar properties that have sale dates close to the valuation date
  • Proof of easements or other restrictions on our property
  • Proof of development limitations on your property
  • Proof that environmentally-sensitive areas exist on your property
  • Professional cost estimates to fix any maintenance issues

Before you file your appeal

Contact the assessor's office to confirm any errors. An example would be if we listed the wrong number of bathrooms at your property. We're happy to review your valuation and answer your questions.

You can also review your property and account information at the eReal Property site.

Download appeal forms

Personal property petition

For business and commercial equipment, mobile and floating homes, etc.

Real property petition

For single-family residences, vacant land, commercial real estate, etc.

Current use petition

Appeal an application denial, current use valuation, or removal from current use and forest land programs.

Exemption petition

Appeal the assessor’s exemption, deferral, or destroyed property determination.

Hearing participation

For withdrawing an appeal, requesting a hearing reschedule, or requesting special accommodation.

Authorization of agent

For designating a person or entity to act as the representative for your appeal.