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Working in partnership for solutions.

Systemic challenges require systemic solutions. Reversing a decades-long undervaluing and underinvestment in human services doesn’t happen overnight, and this is not something King County can do alone. King County Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) is one part of the solution toward addressing unjust structures that have and continue to benefit some and disfavor others.

Creating opportunities for people to be healthy, happy, and connected to community requires participation from the private sector, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, and everyday people, and this work will continue to evolve. DCHS is doing the work to address these inequities by connecting people to housing, behavioral health supports, programs that help youth and young adults thrive, providers best suited to serve veterans and seniors, and programs that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead full lives.  

DCHS recognizes that our community is best served by a vibrant network of partner organizations. As administrators of scarce resources, DCHS is inventing new ways of contracting and funding that support collaboration and community and addresses key issues, including wages and retention, coordinated systems, and services that respond to the whole person.

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