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Measuring DCHS’ Impact

Measuring DCHS’ Impact

DCHS programs work to ensure King County residents are happy, healthy, and connected to community. In 2022, our investments supported a range of programs and services that impacted people and communities across the County.

The 2022 Dashboard provides data on programs and activities funded in 2022 through three of the Department’s taxpayer-funded initiatives – Best Starts for Kids Levy (BSK; DCHS-administered funds only*), MIDD Behavioral Health Sales Tax (MIDD), and Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) – and this year has newly expanded to include data from all programs and activities (including those federally-funded) in the Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD) and the Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division (DDECSD). By 2025, the DCHS Dashboard will include information from all five DCHS Divisions to share how the Department works to help strengthen the communities of King County.

*For complete information about BSK investments, including those administered by Public Health—Seattle & King County, please see the Best Starts Dashboard.

Our impact in 2022


people reached by BHRD, DDECS, Best Starts, MIDD, and VSHSL


people engaged in more than one program


organizations received grant assistance, technical assistance, or capacity building support

"We have seen the growth of many students and their drive to push and support their peers. Some students over the past six months have gone from failing grades to being honor roll students."

- Best Starts partner


of programs offered virtual and/or mobile services to increase accessibility

"Individuals are building meaningful lives, engaging in behavioral health care and working to maintain sobriety. We see daily examples of health, resilience, and recovery."

-MIDD partner


staff members trained at human service organizations


office locations to ensure County-wide access to in-person services

$2 million

of financial assistance distributed by the King County Veterans Program

Explore the 2022 DCHS Dashboard to learn more about our impact. Additional measures of combined impact will be available once all DCHS services are represented in the dashboard. For more data and outcomes from specific initiatives and programs visit our dashboard catalog.

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