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Frequently asked questions

How can I find out if my waste will be accepted at the transfer station?
The Solid Waste Division (SWD) accepts waste at King County facilities in accordance with the county's waste acceptance rule. This rule restricts or prohibits the disposal of some types of waste due to regulatory/operating constraints or environmental/public health concerns. For wastes that can readily be recycled or disposed more appropriately at a different type of facility, What do I do with...? can help identify disposal options.

Where can I take restricted wastes?
Some restricted wastes may be accepted for disposal only when specific conditions are met before or during disposal. The process that has been established for evaluating restricted wastes, determining whether they can be accepted, and establishing the conditions for acceptance is known as waste clearance.

What is a waste clearance decision?
The waste acceptance rule specifies wastes that require a waste clearance decision. The waste clearance decision describes where the waste may be disposed and any conditions that must be met. You must take a copy of the waste clearance decision with you when you dispose your waste.

How do I get a waste clearance decision?
If a waste clearance decision is required, you will need to fill out one of the following forms:

  • Waste clearance applicationDownload PDF 150 K – an Solid Waste Division form used for most waste clearances, or
  • Waste characterization formDownload PDF 166 K – a Seattle/King County Public Health form is used by commercial/industrial sources for wastes that may require testing before disposal. Examples are byproducts from an industrial operation, filters/cleansing media from a chemical process including paint booth, or a material that has an SDS or chemical ingredients list.

Based on the information submitted, SWD will issue a waste clearance decision if the waste in question can be disposed at a county facility.

How much does a waste clearance decision cost?
There is no cost for the waste clearance decision paperwork itself. The tonnage fee is often the basic rate. A special waste rate is applied to materials that require special handling, recordkeeping or review. The rate to be applied (basic rate or special waste rate) is indicated on the waste clearance decision.

Do King County facilities take waste from other jurisdictions?
King County solid waste facilities are intended to serve residents and businesses located within the borders of King County with the exception of the cities of Seattle and Milton.  If the waste is from outside King County's jurisdiction, you may be asked for a written authorization and proof of release from the jurisdiction of origin.

For additional information, please contact SWD at 206-477-4466. To find out more about the types of materials accepted and not accepted at the county's transfer stations, please refer to the county's waste acceptance rule.

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Vehicles arriving with unsecured loads at public or private transfer stations in King County can be charged an unsecured load fee.
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