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Activity guides provide concise classroom lessons on reuse, waste reduction and recycling.

A Year of Reuse Activities and Ideas(Grades 1-6) Download PDF , 177 K
Get ideas for reusing and reducing waste throughout the year.

Be a Garbage Gumshoe(Grades 3-6) Download PDF , 120 K
Students conduct a garbage and recyclables audit as a first step in improving recycling habits.

Composting: Worm Recycling(Grades K-12) Download PDF , 120 K
Students build and maintain a worm bin and learn about nature's version of recycling.

Cut Down Paper Waste, Not Trees(Grades 3-6) Download PDF , 115 K
Students characterize the volume of paper that the class throws away.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt(Grades 3-6) Download PDF , 120 K
Students discover how they and their families can make buying choices that help reduce the waste stream.

How to Improve Your School's Waste Reduction and Recycling Program(Grades K-6) Download PDF , 100 K
Students learn how to incorporate waste reduction and recycling into the classroom.

Plan a Waste-Free Lunch(Grades 1-6) Download PDF , 75 K
Students learn about the types of waste produced from lunch packaging and plan a lunch that yields less waste.

Set Up Your Classroom to Encourage Reuse(Grades K-6) Download PDF , 100 K
Students learn how to incorporate reuse practices into the classroom.

Worm Works(Grades 1-6) Download PDF , 556 K
Use this monthly calendar to do activities related to your classroom worm bin.

Templates for Paper Reuse Projects (All ages)

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