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This program does NOT serve Seattle residents

IMPORTANT: this program does NOT handle junk or abandoned vehicles located within Seattle city limits!

For junk vehicles on your private property please contact the Seattle Junk Vehicle program at 206-684-8940 or by email at email the City of Seattle. For junk/abandoned vehicles located on public property (alongside the road or road right of way) contact the Seattle Abandoned Vehicle program at 206-684-8763 or onlineexternal link .

Do you need to get rid of an abandoned junk vehicle?

Thousands of abandoned, junk vehicles lie rusting in yards, ravines, parking lots and open spaces throughout King County. In addition to being an eyesore, these vehicles damage the environment and attract more illegal dumping. However, getting rid of an abandoned junk vehicle is not always as simple as calling a wrecking yard to haul it away.

If you own the vehicle and have the vehicle's title

Visit the What do I do with…? website for a list of charitable organizations that accept donated vehicles or; search under auto wreckers or; call the State Recycling Hotline at 1-800-RECYCLE for recycling disposal options in your area.

junk vehicle
In addition to being an eyesore, junk vehicles damage the environment and attract more illegal dumping.

 Program flier

Download a printable version of the Junk Vehicles program flier in multiple languages:

If you own the vehicle but have lost the title

If you do not have title to the vehicle

The Solid Waste Division provides a service to help you complete the steps necessary to have the vehicle removed. First make sure the vehicle meets the legal definition of a "junk vehicle". To qualify, a vehicle must meet at least three of the following four conditions:

  • Be three or more years old
  • Have extensive damage
  • Be inoperable
  • Have a fair market value that is equal to the approximate value of the scrap metal

If the vehicle meets the definition of a "junk vehicle"

Submit the online junk vehicle request form below. Please tell us:

  • your name
  • the address where the vehicle is located and mailing address if different
  • a day time phone number
  • Email and;
  • any information available about the vehicle(s), such as the make, model,  license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), vehicle location, or any other pertinent information.

King County staff will inspect the vehicle and, if it meets the criteria, process a Junk Vehicle Affidavit. The affidavit will allow the vehicle to be legally removed from the property and disposed.

If the vehicle does not meet the definition of a "junk vehicle"

You may need to have the vehicle impounded by a state-registered tow service.

This information does not apply to junk vehicles located:

  • On someone else's property in unincorporated King County – contact the Department of Local Services or call 206-296-6680, TTY Relay: 711
  • On a King County road right-of-way – call the non-emergency line at 206-296-3311 or submit a report online
  • In the City of Seattle – call 206-684-8940
  • On a City of Seattle Street – call 206-684-8940
  • In Pierce County – call 253-798-3444
  • In Snohomish County – call 425-388 7163 or visit the Environmental Cleanup website external link

It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove vehicles or to have them removed. King County cannot remove junk vehicles from private property and does not accept vehicles or major vehicle parts for disposal or recycling at county solid waste facilities.

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TTY Relay: 711

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