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  • The next scheduled Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting is scheduled for February 26, 2019. Location and meeting details can be found HERE
  • The final Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting for conceptual design was held on Oct. 14, 2015 at the Old Remond School House Community Center in Redmond, WA. It included a review and discussion of the DRAFT Willowmoor Alternative Recommendation Memo, description of the alternative selection and approval process, and discussion of how SAC members can continue to be involved in the project’s public process moving forward.
  • Eight stakeholder advisory committee meetings were held between Aug. 2013 - Dec. 2014.
  • A summary of the eight meetings held from Aug. 2013-Dec. 2014 is available (1.5MB, PDF). For help viewing PDF files, see Acrobat Help page.)


The Willowmoor Project's Stakeholder Advisory Committee is a group assembled to review, comment on, and make recommendations regarding the Willowmoor project. It is not a decision-making body. The committee will serve as a sounding board at key project milestones. Members have been selected by the King County project team and the King County Flood Control District to represent a wide range of interests in the project area, including residents, businesses, community groups, property owners, park users and public agencies.

Primary tasks

  1. Articulate desired future outcomes of the project from stakeholder organization perspectives.
  2. Help to develop project alternatives.
  3. Assist in the selection of a “preferred alternative” for the project.
  4. Exchange information and ideas with the project team and other stakeholders.
  5. Disseminate information about the project to their membership and peers.
  6. Provide a public voice to help guide the project toward implementation.


    Committee members reflect a balanced cross-section of Sammamish River Basin floodplain interests and experience. Members include (updated Mar. 2015):


    Primary Representative

    At-Large (Engineer - Consultant)

    Paul Fendt

    At-Large (Fisheries Biologist)

    Gilbert Pauley

    At-Large (Lake Sammamish Yacht Club)

    Jim Mackey

    At-Large (Lakeshore Property Owner)

    Nancy Meyers

    At-Large (Water Tenders)

    Susan Wilkins

    At-Large (Wetland Scientist - Consultant)

    Bill Way

    City of Bellevue               

    Paul Bucich

    City of Redmond*

    Jeanne Justice

    Eastside Audubon

    Peter Marshall

    Friends of Marymoor Park (FOMP)

    Michael Hobbs

    JB Instant Lawn

    Joe Thumma


    Mike Arntzen

    Sammamish Home Owners (SHO)

    Dwight K. Martin

    Sammamish Rowing Association (SRA(

    Anne Corley

    Save Lake Sammamish (SLS)

    Jonathan Frodge

    Serve Our Dog Areas (SODA)

    Jim Trockle

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) - O&M

    Charles Ifft

    Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE)

    Heather Khan

    Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW)

    Christa Heller

    Washington Sensible Shorelines Association (WSSA)

    Martin Nizlek

    WRIA 8 Salmon Recovery Council

    Jason Wilkinson


    For more information about the Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project, please contact Kate Akyuz, Project Manager, King County River and Floodplain Management Section.
    * City of Redmond is also a Project Partner, and participates in project meetings, discussions and other communications outside the committee process.