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Salmon and trout topics

Salmon and trout topics


Fish Passage Restoration Program
Removing fish passage barriers to quickly restore salmon habitat.

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Final WRIA 7 Salmon Conservation Plan
Snohomish River Basin 

Final WRIA 8 Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan
Cedar River, Sammamish, Lake Washington

Salmon Habitat Plan Implementation in the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9)
Learn what local governments and other partners are doing to protect and restore salmon habitat in the Green/Duwamish River and Central Puget Sound Watershed of southern King County.

  • Newaukum Creek Basin Characterization Project Report 
    Describes the condition of Newaukum Creek, identifies ecological problems to inform restoration priorities, lists knowledge gaps to resolve, and anticipates how conditions in the creek may change in the future. Newaukum Creek is one of the two important salmon-bearing tributary streams to the Green/Duwamish River.
  • Green-Duwamish River Watershed Quality Assessment
    Comprehensive study of the Green-Duwamish River water quality and the land area draining to it to help guide policy, prioritize cleanup and restoration efforts, and recover salmon populations.
  • Prioritization of Marine Shorelines Report 
    Based on analysis of historical and current conditions, the shorelines of southern King County in the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9) have been categorized in terms of protection and restoration value. Maps help identify the most important sections to protect and/or restore.

WRIA 10 - Salmon Habitat Limiting Factors for the Puyallup River Basin
Outlines the loss of habitat in this basin -- which includes the White River drainage in south King County -- and appraises costs of preserving good habitat, restoring damaged habitat, and and other changes to enable self-sustaining salmon populations.

Puget Sound Partnership (external link)
Public/private group including King County, works to develop an aggressive plan to solve Puget Sound’s most vexing problems.

Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan
Regional plan to recover threatened Puget Sound salmon stocks developed by the Puget Sound Partnership.

Lake Sammamish kokanee restoration

Salmon Safe
Certifies fish-friendly farms and urban lands for promotional purposes, to influence the restoration of agricultural and urban watersheds so that salmon can spawn and thrive.

King County Ecological Lands
Look up individual properties protected by King County as open space for their ecological values including salmonid habitat. The natural lands site also provides pictures, location maps and rules for public use.

Guidelines for bank stabilization projects
Guidelines for Bank Stabilization Projects
in the Riverine Environments of King County
Guidelines to help scientists and engineers enhance fish and wildlife habitat, reduce local stream velocities, increase the structural integrity and reduce the long-term maintenance costs of bank protection projects.
»See pictures of King County River Projects from our Boaters page.
Soils for salmon
Soils for Salmon
A project of the Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC) designed to increase awareness of soil improvement as a means to support salmon and other species recovery. A goal of Soils for Salmon is for local governments to develop Best Management Practices that conserve native soils and improve disturbed soils.

Habitat restoration projects

  • Habitat restoration projects
    Home page to look up habitat projects in King County, to learn about our programs and to suggest projects.
  • Small Habitat Restoration Program
    A King County group that restores and enhances stream and wetland habitat in small projects throughout the county. The program seeks your suggestions for habitat projects.
  • McElhoe-Pearson Habitat Restoration Project
    Project is planned for summer 2012, restoring the Snoqualmie River channel and reconnecting a high quality wetland to provide off-channel rearing and flood refuge habitat for juvenile salmon.

Climate change and salmon

2015 King County Strategic Climate Action Plan
How King County seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to projected climate change impacts, and embed mitigation and adaptation into county policy decisions. The plan incorporates issues, goals and actions related to salmon recovery and biodiversity.

Salmon and trout technical reports

Salmon viewing

Salmon Watcher Program 
Learn how to identify salmon, look up maps of salmon sightings and find out how to volunteer to be a Salmon Watcher volunteer. Salmon Watchers are volunteers who learn to identify our local salmon species and are stewards of our local creeks. They collect data on fish presence in Lake Washington Watershed streams, learn about healthy habitat, and gain an understanding of regional issues related to salmon conservation. Identification pages show pictures, drawings, and descriptions with spawning seasons for different salmon and trout species:

Salmon Seeson
Salmon Seeson : spot the spawners in the Cedar River/Lake Washington watershed this fall!

Spawning Salmon Viewing Sites in King County, Washington

Cedar River Public Boating and Fishing Access 
Find parks, ecological natural areas and boat ramps to access the river for swimming, fishing and boating. Includes lands managed by the City of Renton, King County and City of Seattle.