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Environmental monitoring data

Environmental monitoring data

Swimming beach bacteria levels and water temperature
Use a regional map to look up water quality graphs and data for about 30 swimming beaches at lakes across King County.

Streams and rivers water quality monitoring data
Look up water quality data and graphs for streams and rivers including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, conductivity, total suspended solids, phosphorus, nitrogen, bacteria, metals, precipitation, overall water quality index, and toxicity and pesticide studies.

Benthic macroinvertebrate (stream bug) monitoring
Learn why aquatic insect counts provide insight about the health of streams, and look up measures for many streams in King County, Washington. More data can be found at our Puget Sound stream benthos site (external link).

Major lakes water quality monitoring data
Lake buoy data - water column
Small lakes water quality monitoring data
Use maps to find sampling sites for graphs and data of temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorophyll, secchi depth, fecal coliform count, and E. coli count.

Hydrologic Information Center
Look up records for over 500 sites for continuous recording stream gages on rivers and streams, continuous recording rain gages, visually checked staff and crest stage gages in wetlands, lakes and detention facilities, recording and non-recording groundwater wells, and water quality sampling.

Groundwater well data
Look up water quality sampling data and well levels using an interactive map or a form.

Flood Warning System (river gage) data
Read the current gage readings for major river systems across King County, and compare to historical records of past flood events.

Puget Sound water quality monitoring data
Download data and view graphs for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) profiles for various mapped points and cast dates.

Some of the environmental data collected by the Science and Technical Support Section in King County is summarized and included in annual reports on the King County DNRP and Executive level web pages. Visit the KingStat DNRP Environmental Indicators website for annual information. Visit King County environmental impacts of climate change  page to find the latest trends regarding impacts to the people and environment around you.