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Small Habitat Restoration Program (SHRP)

Small Habitat Restoration Program (SHRP)

Enhancing streams and wetlands for community, fish and wildlife

SHRP - Small Habitat Restoration Program
King County's Small Habitat Restoration Program (SHRP) builds low-cost projects in rural and urban King County that enhance and restore streams and wetlands. Projects are selected based upon the benefit they will provide to the environment and the cost-efficiency with which they can be implemented.

Typical projects include streamside and wetland planting, livestock fencing, in-stream habitat improvements, removal of barriers to fish migration and removal of invasive/non-native plants. This website provides information about current projects and how to suggest a project.

Three Forks Natural Area planting volunteer event

SHRP also provides technical assistance to property owners and other agencies interested in taking on their own habitat restoration or enhancement projects.

For more information about the Small Habitat Restoration Program, please contact Mason Bowles, senior ecologist, Water and Land Resources Division Ecological Restoration and Engineering Services Unit.