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View the video below to learn about the project and our sustainable practices during construction.

Station construction began in early 2018

King County’s contractor, Titan Earthwork, completed site preparation and demolition activities to prepare the treatment station site for construction. Major construction started in March 2018 with a groundbreaking ceremony.

Work continues on the treatment station and is expected to be complete by the end of 2022. The station is planned to be fully tested and ready for operation in early 2023.

For the latest information about construction activities, read our project updates in our documents library.

Outfall structure construction began in summer 2018

Construction at the outfall structure includes in-water work to install the pipe underneath the First Avenue South Bridge. Pacific Pile & Marine will construct a new outfall structure to connect the Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station to the Duwamish River. Work on the outfall is expected to be complete by Spring 2019.

For more information about the outfall structure, read our outfall fact sheet .

Conveyance pipe construction began fall 2018

James W. Fowler Company has been awarded the contract to build the underground conveyance pipes that will connect the station to the new outfall structure. Crews began activities to install pipe in Seattle street right-of-way in the Evergreen Tractor yard area. Work will be limited to this area through the end of 2018. Work on the conveyance pipes is expected to be complete by the end of 2022.

For information, read our project fact sheet .

What to expect during construction

  • Project team available to brief and update community groups, business owners, and residents about construction activities and next steps for construction
  • Active 24/7 information line: 206-205-9286
  • Advance notification of construction activities
  • Email updates about construction activities and community outreach
  • Security fencing and erosion and sediment control around the project sites
  • Large trucks and equipment moving in and out of the project areas
  • Possible work on or near roadways, including on Fourth Avenue South, South Michigan Street, South River Street, and First Avenue South
  • There may be traffic impacts as pipes are installed
  • Increased noise, typical of a construction site


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