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Project update

April 2023

In 2023, King County is installing a backup generator and replacing an elevator at the Lakeland Hills Pump Station to improve service to you and other residents in the Auburn area. Learn more.

King County owns and operates the Lakeland Hills Pump Station. King County will replace the aging Lakeland Hills Pump Station and build a new facility in Auburn to upgrade sewer services in south King County. The Lakeland Hills Pump Station is an important part of King County’s connected systems of pipes and pumps. The pump station moves sewage from homes, schools, and businesses in the Auburn area to South Treatment Plant in Renton to be treated, eventually sending it off safely into the Puget Sound. Replacing the pump station will prevent sewage overflows and help serve the growing population of Auburn for many years.

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Project location

The Lakeland Hills Pump Station is located in Roegner Park, in the City of Auburn. Click for larger view .
Facility address: 601 Oravertz Rd. SE, Auburn

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