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Completed fall 2019

Project update

Spring 2020

King County’s contractor has completed restoration of areas affected by construction of the Magnolia Pipe Repair. The Magnolia Wet Weather Storage Facility has been in operations throughout the rainy season, helping to protect Puget Sound. King County Operations has continued to monitor and maintain the facility throughout the season. WTD's Mitigation and Monitoring group will maintain restored landscapes on 32nd Avenue West, visiting the site periodically during the growing season.

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Magnolia Wet Weather Storage FacilityThe Magnolia Wet Weather Storage Facility at Smith Cove is designed to store excess flows of stormwater and sewage. The facility’s 1.5 million-gallon underground storage tank will help keep sewage and stormwater out of Puget Sound during storms.

King County is Protecting our Waters

This project is part of King County’s Protecting our Waters program to prevent pollution caused by excess stormwater in the sewer system on rainy days.

Combined sewer overflows (CSOs) are relief points in older sewer systems that carry sewage and stormwater in the same pipe. When heavy rains fill the pipes, CSOs release sewage and stormwater into rivers, lakes, or Puget Sound.

King County and the City of Seattle are working together to control CSOs and keep sewage and stormwater out of local waterways.


24-hour emergency and odor reporting:

Contact West Point Treatment Plant at  206-263-3801.

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