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The Office of Labor Relations negotiates, implements and administers over 75 labor agreements covering the terms of employment for the County's approximately 12,500 represented employees.

We accomplish this by negotiating agreements that contribute to realizing Executive Constantine's goals of service, excellence, financial stewardship, public engagement, and quality workforce.

Our leadership team

Megan Pedersen, Director Before joining King County, Megan was an associate with Seattle law firm Williams Kastner where she specialized in representing management in labor and employment law matters. She is a graduate of the University of Washington Law School. As OLR Director, Megan will lead the County’s work in strengthening our new total compensation methodology and work with our labor partners to ensure we are an equitable, innovative and fiscally-responsible government for our employees and the people of King County. Megan enjoys exploring Seattle’s bounty of arts, music and culinary delights as well as running half marathons in the Sonoma/Napa area.

Bob Railton, OLR Manager Bob is a Seattle native and Navy veteran turned 32 year King County employee. Over his extensive public service career has touched, if not bargained, every collective bargaining agreement in the County. Bob is a former King County Metro driver who transitioned to Metro Labor Relations in the mid 90’s. In 1994 Bob moved to the King County Office of Labor Relations and has served valiantly ever since. In his spare time, likes to hike and backpack as well as tour wine and beer country.

Janet Parks, OLR Manager Janet is a former, but never not a, Pediatric ICU registered nurse. Janet has an impressive 16-year track record working in unions including WSNA, PTE-17 and UFCW. Janet focuses on collaborating and mediating to create a win for all. In her spare time Janet enjoys walking, scrapbooking, reading and being in her garden.


  • Leadership: We advance King County goals through principled, strategic and well-informed guidance.
  • Innovation: We look to the past, study the present, and create forward thinking labor solutions for the future.
  • Communication: We listen closely and communicate clearly.
  • Integrity: We are impeccable with our word, and honor our commitments.
  • Teamwork: We bring together the right people to accomplish our goals in a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • Equity: We promote social and racial justice through our work.


Harmonizing labor management partnerships with stewardship of county resources.


To improve the lives of people in King County, we partner with King County agencies, unions and employees through collaborative negotiation, creative problem solving, and professional advice, with a focus on employee engagement.


Phone: 206-263-0808

Fax: 206-205-1395

Mail stop: ADM-EX-0450