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The Customer Experience Measurement Guidebook provides an overview of King County’s methodology for establishing a comprehensive and deliberate approach to measuring Customer Experience (CX) across King County programs and services. This guidebook details the use of customer persona development, customer journey mapping, survey administration, and action planning to bring the voice of the customer to business operations. This guidance is part of King County’s broader commitment to creating a customer-centric culture and service delivery that puts the needs of our residents, organizations, employees, and various customer groups at the center.

The CX Measurement Guidebooks is an introductory resource intended for county staff who are interested in measuring the experiences of those that interact with their services.




Included in this guide:

  • Customer Mapping Journey Template
  • Customer Empathy Map Template
  • Sample Survey
  • Sample Scorecard



For more information, please contact:

Brittany Carter, Performance and Strategy Analyst
Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget
Phone: 206-263-3324