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King County Treasury is responsible for billing, maintaining, and collecting assessments for improved districts. The majority of our current Improvement Districts were formed by resolutions and/or ordinances which direct us to bill and collect certified assessment amounts to our taxpayer of record.

  • Utility Local Improvement District: The due dates for annual installments are unique to each ULID/LID.
  • Annual Maintenance Lake and Road Improvement: These assessments are due on May 10th and May 31st respectively.

About ULID/LID foreclosure:

A Utility Local Improvement District (ULID) or Local Improvement District (LID) foreclosure begins after one annual installment payment is two years delinquent.

  • If you are the successful bidder, understand there is a two-year right of redemption by the current property owner.
  • A certificate of purchase will be issued to the successful bidder.
  • After the two year redemption period has expired, a ULID/LID deed will be issued to the successful bidder.

The ULID/LID foreclosures follow a different set of state laws and regulations than property tax foreclosure; review them at Washington State Legislature website:

Please refer to RCW: 35.50

Stay tuned

The 2019 ULID/LID foreclosure sale is tentatively scheduled to begin online at on September 9, 2020.

Additional Information:

Please call (206) 263-1893 or email us with further questions or concerns regarding these foreclosures.