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As you may be aware, the King County Board of Health has adopted amendments to Title 13. These amendments include changes to Chapter 13.68, which is now titled "Liquid Waste Pumping and Hauling." New provisions of this chapter affect your current practice as a licensed pumper in King County.

Effective today, existing pumpers with current certificates of competency will be placed by the Health Department into one or more of four classifications of liquid waste pumpers without having to take an examination: OSS pumper, grease trap/interceptor pumper, vessel sewage holding tank pumper, and portable toilet pumper (see 13.68.010 A).
Only the OSS pumper employee and new pumper applicant for any of the four categories who are not registered as of this date will be subject to the new requirements for completing a course of instruction relevant to the pumper category and acceptable to the Health Department and satisfactory completion of an examination on or before October 19, 1999. However, as the time of certificate renewal on January 1, 2000, all pumpers must demonstrate Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the previous year (see 13.68.010 C & 13.68.030 A).

In addition, new provisions of Chapter 13.68 require certified pumpers to provide to the OSS owner at the time of service and to the health officer upon request, a written service report, which contains minimum information specified in the code. The attached sewage tank service report is intended for voluntary use by OSS pumpers, who may opt for this standardized form or the forms prepared by their businesses, provided the individualized company forms are revised to include the minimum information specified on this new report form (see 13.68.040 B).

See revised wastewater tank pumping report form, which is intended for mandatory use by OSS pumpers when submitting pumping reports monthly to the health officer. The new form requires reporting of any observed sewage discharge and sewage spill/cleanup activities.

As a reminder, any replacement or repair of sewage tank components, such as baffles, will require a permit for limited repair to be issued to an OSS maintainer, installer, or resident owner, but not a pumper, under the revised code (see 13.08.226, definition of limited repair). Until such time the OSS repair policy and maintainer certification program is fully implemented, you may continue to repair or replace defective baffles as part of your services, provided such repair is confined only to baffles and in accordance with any applicable specifications by the manufacturer of the approved component.