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The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify designer/P.E.'s responsibility as well as inform you of a new district policy regarding submission of incomplete or inaccurate applications.

There has been an ongoing problem with the submission of incomplete and inaccurate work by some designer/P.E.'s on applications for Health Department review. We have typically held these applications until the required information could be supplied. In some cases an inaccurate parcel number has not allowed us to log-in an application for several weeks. In other cases applications are held by field staff, waiting for information which should have been supplied with the application initially. This has created additional work for Health Department staff and delayed our ability to complete our review. Applicants are misled into thinking their application is in the loop to be reviewed when it is still pending complete or accurate information.

Due to continuing problems with the submission of applications with incomplete or inaccurate information the following policy will be implemented effective March 22, 1999:

All site applications, BLA/Short Plats/Plats must be submitted with complete and accurate information or they will not be logged in and will be returned to the designer/P.E. unless previous arrangements have been made. Applications with incorrect parcel numbers, water system names, subdivision names or application lacking valid water availability letters, recorded well covenants, vicinity maps or other relevant information such as illegible documents will be cause for rejection. We will no longer hold applications pending submission of accurate information from the designer when this was a requirement of the application. Should applications be submitted with obvious incomplete or inaccurate information the applicant (designer's client) will be notified at the time of application rejection.

It is recommended that all designers/P.E.'s use the checklists provided in the May 12, 1998 Industry Memorandum. Every effort should be made to supply the Health Department with an application which does not require additional contact with the designer/P.E. in order to complete the evaluation.

Water availability requirements

1 Private wells A recorded well covenant/restrictive covenant
2 Community wells A correct water system name and water ID number
3 Public water A current water availability letter
4 Plats A current water availability letter or where water has been developed for the entire plat - a letter stating that water has been verified to be available to the lot specified in the design by the designer at the time of the applications submission.

For BLAs, long plats and short plats the following information is required:

  1. Per application type, required number of soil logs per lot (vacant) regardless of lot size. A licensed designer or qualified professional engineer must provide the soils identification.

  2. A plot plan with the following information:
    1. The location of any structure or residence with its OSS and reserve area
    2. For BLAs, all lot lines boundaries and existing lot lines with the lines that are being adjusted clearly marked (preferably in a different color). For all long and short plats, all lot line boundaries.
    3. All easements and water lines
    4. Location of surface water, roads, structures, drainage features or sensitive areas if present
    5. Well location and protective radius

  3. Parcel numbers for all parcels involved.

  4. For BLAs, lot sizes before and after adjustment.

  5. An as-built drawing of any existing OSS, or detailed on-site work to verify the location of all septic system components and drain lines (when the drain line locations may be a concern) and a designated 100% reserve area.

  6. Water source for each lot (see water availability requirements).

  7. All protective and restrictive covenants for well site locations.

  8. An updated as-built drawing showing the new property boundaries in relation to the drainfield.

For a designers checklist, please call the Wastewater Program for assistance at 206-477-8050. Your cooperation in this matter will improve our ability to make the most productive use of our time. Should you have any questions regarding this matter you may contact Mark Allen 206-477-8133.