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Design phase

It is strongly suggested that you contact a septic system designer to conduct a site feasibility inspection prior to purchase a vacant property where public sewer is not available. An approved site application design is required when a new septic system* is constructed (an approved design is not an installation permit). Construction must not begin until the installation permit is posted on the site/property.

All designs are to be submitted by a designer or professional engineer to Eastgate Environmental Health with the appropriate fee.
*A septic system is also referred to as an "on-site sewage system" in official documents, forms and applications.

Forms used by OSS professional:

Permit issuance

Designer responsibility:

After the design submittal has been approved and construction begins on the building, a Pre-installation Inspection Report a recorded Notice on Title and Operation and Maintenance Contract/Agreement (for sand filters ATU's, and other proprietary devices only) must be submitted by the designer to the Eastgate Environmental Health office. The designer is responsible for forwarding a copy to the Master Installer.

Master Installer responsibility:

A copy of the building permit (first page), Application for On-site Sewage System Installation/Repair Permit, and a copy of the Designer's OSS Pre-Installation Inspection Report is submitted by the Master Installer to the Eastgate Environmental Health office.

After the forms are evaluated for completeness by the Health Inspector, a permit is issued.

Install phase

The Master Installer installs the septic system and contacts the Designer for pressure tests (if applicable) and as-built inspection. Designer notifies Public Health that the system is ready for inspection. The Health Inspector inspects the installed system and signs permit, if approved. Master Installer backfills the system and notifies Designer through the Installer's Backfill Notification Request for Final Inspection.

Record drawing phase

The Designer makes a final cover inspection and prepares the record drawing documents for the system. Designer submits the record drawing package and other applicable documents to the Eastgate Environmental Health office. Upon Health Inspector approval or disapproval, the Health Inspector will return a signed copy of the As-built Certification of Completion form to the Designer and OSS owner.

A site application design and installation permit are required when a new on-site sewage system is constructed. Construction must not begin until the installation permit is posted on the site/property.

Forms used by OSS professional: