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The King County Traffic Safety Coalition, also known as the King County Target Zero Task Force, was established by Public Health in 1998 with limited funding from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

The coalition brings together representatives from law enforcement, public health, community and human services, liquor control, non profits, traffic engineers and others.

The group focuses on reducing traffic crashes and traffic-related injuries in King County and supports the state's Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero by the year 2030.

Activities include:

  • Coordinating multi-jurisdictional patrols to enforce Washington's DUI, speed, seatbelt, and other laws.
  • Providing traffic safety education to the public and high risk groups.
  • Educating coalition members on traffic safety trends and issues.
  • Providing a venue for people interested in traffic safety to network and collaborate.
  • Tracking traffic crash data and adjusting program activities to address needs.

If you would like to be involved, please call 206-477-5085.