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Gun violence is a public health issue

Each year, nearly 40,000 Americans die by suicide, homicide, or accidents with firearms. In King County, more people are killed by firearms than by car crashes, with an annual financial cost of nearly $200 million in medical charges and lost productivity.

Public Health — Seattle & King County is addressing this public health emergency by working with firearm owners and communities affected by gun violence to understand how and when firearms are used unsafely, raise public awareness of firearm safety practices, and develop and evaluate upstream evidence-based prevention programs.

Explore the resources below to learn how you can play a role in preventing firearm-related injuries and deaths in our communities.

What you can do to prevent gun violence

Safely store your firearms.
Find out which gun storage device is right for you, and where you can get a discount.

Talk to family and friends about safe storage.
Asking if guns are safely stored may save lives.

Know the warning signs of suicide.
Unlocked firearms are a risk to people struggling with suicidal thoughts. Learn more about resources and next steps for suicide prevention.

What Public Health is doing to prevent gun violence

What we know about gun violence in King County

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