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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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The Department of Local Services, Permitting Division (Permitting) offers a number of online permits through the regional permitting portal, (MBP).

  • Residential Basics Program (limited to licensed contractors)
  • Critical Areas Designation and Extension
  • Zoning and Historical Certification Letter
  • Fuel Tanks, Decommissioning Underground
  • Fuel Tanks, Installation and Relocation
  • Fire Permit for Commercial and Multi-Family Sprinklers
  • Fire Permit for Residential Sprinklers
  • Fire–Fireworks Display
  • Fire–Fireworks Stand
  • Shoreline Exemption
  • Special Event
  • Residential Mechanical Permits
  • Fire Alarm Systems Permit: Commercial and Multi-Family
At this time, permit status and online inspection scheduling for unincorporated King County can be accessed through the County's permitting information portal.
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